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Actor Kal Penn is producer/host of a series that attempts to explain how things like money, sex, food, sports and crime influence daily lives. The consequences are shown by analyzing data maps, and episodes investigate different themes through data mapping, creative visualization of information and in-depth personal stories involving fascinating characters. As well, documentary vignettes tell stories that personalize the number crunching, introducing real people who live and work at key intersections of each theme being explored. Penn serves as guide, making the information relatable to viewers.

Latest episodes

aired 531 days ago
Revealing mislabeled, mysterious and missing places off the map; top secret maps that the U.S. government has.
aired 531 days ago
How data and numbers have taken over the world of sports; small towns of Louisiana that produce the highest proportion of NFL players; highly organized soccer in Argentina; the serious business of picking a team mascot.
aired 534 days ago
Exploring the human body and it's continuing evolution through new technology implanted to enhance our abilities.
aired 534 days ago
Scientists and explorers in Hanskville, Utah are living in the desert as if they were colonists on Mars.
aired 541 days ago
Investigating the many ways our lives are built on trash; using waste as fertilizer, building with it, reusing it or even eating it.
aired 541 days ago
Exploring the world's most popular dishes, from snacks and main courses to drinks and condiments; visiting the number one pizza town in the U.S.
aired 548 days ago
Sex rituals of different places; the strip club capital of America in Wis.; retirement communities in Fla.; a drive-in brothel in Switzerland.
aired 548 days ago
Exploring wireless connectivity and the role LSD played in making Silicon Valley the hub of today's computer and internet revolutions.
aired 555 days ago
Surviving the next global pandemic; a researcher studies mosquitoes by letting them suck his blood; tracing the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong; tracking biological weapons in a top secret government lab.
aired 555 days ago
Natural disaster threats from around the world; Texas pilots fight drought; residents of an Iceland town dodge molten lava; America's biggest earthquake in New Madrid, Mo.
aired 562 days ago
Finding lost treasure; gold in northeastern Nevada; old baseball cards worth millions in Ohio; searching for gold and jewels in Poland.
aired 562 days ago
How our lives are shaped by crime; a small town is making big money for drug dealers; a Colorado economy benefits from incarceration; gangs in Washington, D.C. compete for territory.

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