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The Ben Shapiro Election Special

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Ben Shapiro joins a panel of experts along with influential guests to discuss the major headlines of the week and their impact on the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Latest episodes

aired 671 days ago
Ben Shapiro looks at the Democrats playbook and breaks down what he believes will happen if Democrats win on election night.
aired 678 days ago
Ben Shapiro looks at the Hollywood hypocrisy over the Kavanaugh hearings. Plus, what happens when Ben goes to campus? It's all on the third edition of The Ben Shapiro Election Special.
aired 684 days ago
Ben Shapiro breaks down the Kavanaugh accusations; the hearings; D.C. hypocrisy.
aired 692 days ago
Ben Shapiro discusses the Kavanaugh confirmation battle, the midterm elections, and the culture wars.

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