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The Atlanta Child Murders

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In 1979, two 14-year-old boys go missing in Atlanta. A few days later, both are found dead. The incident begins a horrifying 23 months, with a total of 29 African-American children being stolen from their families and killed. The city is primed to blame someone, anyone, for these cold-blooded crimes against the community. Yet decades later, no person has been tried for these murders, and the killer has never been confirmed. Investigation Discovery shines a light on this largely forgotten story in a three-part documentary. It presents never-before-heard perspectives of the victims' families, explores whether one man is truly responsible, and details new evidence and once-secret investigations.

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After an intense investigation, Wayne Williams goes on trial for one of the most notorious murder cases in Atlanta's history; the public struggles with the question of Williams' guilt.
aired 140 days ago
As weeks pass, young black males are being killed with horrifying frequency; an inventive tactic finally gives law enforcement personnel their first real lead pointing to a suspect named Wayne Williams.
aired 140 days ago
A string of black children are murdered in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981, igniting terror and frustration in a community that feels increasingly neglected.

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