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The Apprentice

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Candidates vie to land a job with Donald Trump.

Latest episodes

aired 1,197 days ago
The finalists compete to see who can raise the most money in ticket sales and donations for their respective charities; the winner is presented with the $250,000 check; guests include Caitlyn Jenner.
aired 1,204 days ago
Teams must create demonstrations showcasing products from the Honest Company; teams create an ad campaign, host a party and produce a variety show for Carnival Corporation; Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks are guest advisers; Curtis Stone also appears.
aired 1,211 days ago
Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is a guest adviser as the teams are tasked with promoting the Clippers' brand; later, the teams must sell fitness equipment on QVC with TV host Leeza Gibbons acting as a guest adviser.
aired 1,217 days ago
The celebrities market a new health food product and create a digital brochure for a "Harry Potter" attraction at Universal Studios; fitness guru Bob Harper and TV host Tracey Edmonds are guest advisers.
aired 1,225 days ago
The contestants must create a marketing campaign for Kawasaki motorcycles; teams are tasked with creating a new See's candy for chocoholic Warren Buffet.
aired 1,233 days ago
The contestants must create a live segment showcasing grape juice and produce viral videos for a new product; chef Rocco DiSpirito and digital influencer Justine Ezarik serve as guest boardroom advisers.
aired 1,240 days ago
After being divided into male and female teams, the celebrity contestants get their first assignment from their new bosses; business advisers are Tyra Banks and Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger.

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