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The Adventures of Puss in Boots

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The famous cat protects the city of San Lorenzo, a mythical land invisible to the outside world.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
The townsfolk look to Puss to stop San Lorenzo's earthquakes, but first a mission to rescue a pirate captain from the Island of Doom.
aired 2 days ago
After learning the location of the Obelisk, Puss and friends return to San Lorenzo, where they find the town has been overrun be El Moco.
aired 2 days ago
Puss and his friends try to obtain the Obelisk of Night from Angus.
aired 4 days ago
Puss and Dulcinea decide to go on a vacation together, though neither of them will admit it's a date -- especially when the whole town comes along.
aired 5 days ago
A handsome face stirs up jealousy when famed treasure hunter Guy Fox asks star-struck Dulcinea to join him on his next adventure.
aired 6 days ago
Assuming it will be easy, Puss offers to run the Cow and Moone for Pajuna while she's off on an adventure with her old pal Roz.
aired 7 days ago
It began as a harmless parlor trick, but when Pajuna summons ghosts from the other side, vengeful spirits start taking over the townsfolk.
aired 8 days ago
A notorious loan shark shows up in San Lorenzo and insists that Puss' boots belong to him, but without them Puss isn't the same.
aired 9 days ago
Taranis, the sky god, is convinced that Puss has special powers that might help control Toutatis, who has vowed to destroy all mortals.
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Dulcinea and Miguela try to trick an ogre, hoping that will help them obtain a priceless book about the Crown of Souls.
aired 10 days ago
An important gem is missing from the Crown of Souls, so Puss and his friends set off to find it; however, the gem is in pieces and each is owned by a different witch.
aired 10 days ago
Puss returns to San Lorenzo with the Crown of Souls, accompanied by a band of skeletons which make the residents feel unsettled.
aired 12 days ago
The orphans compete in a high-stakes contest at the Duchess' command; a strange rumbling shakes things up in San Lorenzo.
aired 13 days ago
Puss rallies the San Lorenzans to save their town before El Moco blows it to bits, but building an army requires Puss to swallow his pride.
aired 14 days ago
After blocking the way to the Netherworld, Puss and company return to San Lorenzo to find a town that is greatly changed -- with a new man in charge.
aired 15 days ago
After winning the trust of the Zephilim, Puss storms the Blind King's castle in hopes of saving his friends, restoring the true ruler of the Netherworld, and blocking the Portal for good.
aired 16 days ago
When Puss and the pirates find the treasure of San Luis Rey, they must find a way to escape the attack of Bonky the Parrot and his skeleton army.
aired 16 days ago
When pirates force Puss to face his fear of water by walking the ship's plank, he is rescued by his ex-girlfriend and fish monster, Feejee the Mermaid.
aired 17 days ago
After pirates invade San Lorenzo searching for mystical treasure, Puss leads them on the hunt, hoping his share will defend against the Bloodwolf.
aired 17 days ago
When Kid Pickles is feeling down on his birthday, Puss and Artephius create a magical scroll that names Kid Pickles as heir to the San Lorenzo throne.
aired 23 days ago
Dulcinea must save the town from thieves when Puss and the townspeople become obsessed with a gambling game and forget to protect San Lorenzo.

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