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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

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The Brown family finds a teddy bear in Paddington Station.

Latest episodes

aired 83 days ago
Paddington digs for buried treasure; Paddington visits Hollywood; Mr. Gruber and Paddington visit a wax museum.
aired 84 days ago
Paddington thinks he sees a kidnapping; Paddington is a helpful bear; Mr. Gruber brings Paddington to visit the Law Courts.
aired 85 days ago
Paddington invests in a home bodybuilding outfit; Paddington on Capitol Hill; Paddington uses a wheelbarrow to carry the Brown's laundry.
aired 87 days ago
Paddington becomes a vacuum cleaner salesman; Mr. Gruber's friend thinks his horse will win the Kentucky Derby; Paddington celebrates his birthday at an expensive restaurant.
aired 90 days ago
Paddington serves as Mr. Curry's golf caddie; while on a safari, Paddington tries to protect his breakfast eggs from poachers; Paddington tries to make a jigsaw puzzle.
aired 91 days ago
Paddington takes a job as a model for a painting class; Paddington is encouraged to participate at a winter carnival; Paddington goes out caroling and is mistaken for a waiter at a dinner party.
aired 92 days ago
Paddington's first driving test; Mr. Gruber lives out his boyhood dream of being a cowboy; Paddington goes shopping.
aired 93 days ago
Paddington searches for a missing vegetable; Paddington poses as a leprechaun; trouble at Paddington's first visit to the theatre.
aired 94 days ago
A seaside excursion turns into an adventure; the streets of Cairo are the setting for a con that leads Paddington to purchase a pyramid; Paddington attempts to find the perfect finishing touch for Mr. Gruber's newly-built patio.
aired 97 days ago
Paddington visits a stately home; Paddington and Mr. Gruber travel to the opal mining capital of the world; Paddington gets a job as an assistant at a barber shop.
aired 98 days ago
Paddington's bank is robbed; Paddington, Mr. Gruber and Admiral Gurndy are stranded on an island; Paddington gets paid for doing tasks for people.
aired 99 days ago
Paddington experiences problems on his first subway ride; while visiting Japan, Paddington visits a training school for sumo wrestlers; Mr. Curry takes advantage of Paddington and gets an invitation to try out Mr. Brown's sauna.
aired 100 days ago
Paddington visits Mr. Curry in the hospital; Paddington finds himself in the middle of the Tour de France bicycle race; a local charity ball has an unusual dance team.
aired 101 days ago
Paddington is recruited by the U.S. Army; Paddington thinks he is buying shares to an oil company.
aired 104 days ago
The Browns attend a rugby match; Paddington goes to a spa.
aired 105 days ago
Paddington visits a medieval festival; Mr. Brown procrastinates.
aired 106 days ago
Paddington cleans the chimney; Paddington runs in the Olympics.
aired 107 days ago
Paddington floods the bathroom; Paddington plays in a game show.
aired 108 days ago
Paddington is in a magic show; Paddington visits Alaska; Paddington loses his allowance.
aired 111 days ago
Paddington helps his neighbor; Paddington goes to the fair.
aired 112 days ago
Mr. Curry tricks Paddington into doing some yard work.

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