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The 700 Club

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"The 700 Club" is a talk show featuring guests, news and spiritual stories from a Christian perspective. News stories are often related to Bible passages. Fundamentalist preacher and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson hosts this long-running religious show.

Latest episodes

airs in 3 days
Food helped numb the pain of a difficult childhood. Now Justin reveals how the discovery that God created his body as a temple put him on the road to better health.
aired 4 days ago
He started running away from home at 13 and was homeless and drug addicted for years. Hear his incredible story of redemption.
aired 5 days ago
CBN's Chris Mitchell visits the dig site of ancient Israel's first capital. How is digging into the past revealing lessons for the future?
aired 10 days ago
Damien was kicked out by his abusive parents at 13. He sought acceptance through gangs and drugs until he received an unexpected answer to an honest prayer.
aired 16 days ago
A 12 -year-old baseball player loses arm to farm equipment. Father sends out prayer requests for a miracle.
aired 22 days ago
San Diego Padres first baseman Will Myers shares the importance of faith in his life on and off the field.
aired 26 days ago
Her perfect marriage was falling apart around her, but God said, "Don't leave yet."; she reveals how trusting that voice led to restoration and healing.
aired 29 days ago
A young man struggles with belonging and acceptance most of his life, until he finds it in an unexpected place.
aired 30 days ago
Lorie Johnson offers the best ways for you to check for skin cancer. Did you know it's as easy as A B C D E?
aired 31 days ago
When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage Kim Davis found herself right in the center of the controversy. Paul Strand tells us why she believes many more Christians will also end up there.
aired 32 days ago
Once the site of the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, today it seems on the verge of a comeback. Mark Martin gets a first-hand look at the rebirth of Detroit.
aired 33 days ago
The war between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland officially ended 20 years ago, but true peace remains elusive. Dale Hurd visits one church that is trying to change that.
aired 36 days ago
Two men flipped their boat in the middle of the night near Baton Rouge. They reveal the story of those terrifying hours spent in the water surrounded by alligators.
aired 37 days ago
Scarred from childhood trauma, Christa felt her only option was to work in the sex industry. Today, she reveals the simple act of friendship that led her out of darkness.
aired 38 days ago
He rivaled Elvis on the music charts and turned down a chance to work with Marilyn Monroe. Pat Boone reveals these and other surprising stories from his legendary career.
aired 39 days ago
A look inside the book highlighting 70 archeological discoveries that document the historical accuracy of the Bible. "Etched in Stone."
aired 40 days ago
The doctors told her that her 16-month-old baby will not survive, but something within her said to keep praying for a miracle.
aired 43 days ago
The president's faith advisors have taken a lot of heat for meeting with the president. Their critics accuse them of giving the president a pass in exchange for access. Heather Sells discusses with faith advisor Samuel Rodriguez.
aired 44 days ago
One of cable news' most recognizable faces, Ainsley Earhardt opens up about the life-changing moments revealed in her new memoir. "The Light Within Me."
aired 46 days ago
Ronald Kessler, author of "The Trump White House" sits down with CBN's Jenna Browder to discuss Trump... the first lady... and what the mainstream media gets wrong.
aired 47 days ago
Rocker Jonathan Cain (Journey) reveals an inside look at his life in the spotlight and how the road to success finally led him home.

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