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The 700 Club

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"The 700 Club" is a talk show featuring guests, news and spiritual stories from a Christian perspective. News stories are often related to Bible passages. Fundamentalist preacher and one-time presidential candidate Pat Robertson hosts this long-running religious show.

Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
A new TV show combines a love of cars with the love of Christ; CBN'S John Jessup goes behind the scenes with host Barry Meguiar and reveals why it's a show you don't want to miss.
aired 7 days ago
He finally surrendered to God. And even though he faced spending the rest of his life in prison, he simply asked that God find a use for him there.
aired 10 days ago
George Thomas heads to a remote village in Liberia to watch Dr. Sacra work. He is the missionary who survived Ebola and then returned to work in Africa.
aired 11 days ago
Functional medicine is a new way to treat disease. This approach takes away the emphasis on your symptoms and focuses on the root cause of what's bothering you.
aired 12 days ago
Chuck Holton updates the latest on the crisis in Venezuela as people flee it's poverty and corruption.
aired 13 days ago
Sara Gottfried, MD gives us a look inside her new book, "The Brain Body Diet: 40 Days to a Lean, Calm, Energized, and Happy Self."
aired 17 days ago
The doctors told him his cancer was inoperable and chemo would destroy his liver. His family decided to pray for a miracle.
aired 18 days ago
As a nurse, she looked at her daughter's wounds and knew they were fatal. But that didn't stop her from praying for a miracle.
aired 19 days ago
Tim Tebow - from football to baseball to making movies. He sits down with CBN's Efrem Graham to share the powerful story of the film "Run The Race."
aired 20 days ago
An interview with Matthew Charles, the first person freed from prison after the president signed the First Step Act.
aired 21 days ago
Landing on the shores of the new world they made a promise to God. Then the Founding Fathers included God in the formation of the government. But should keeping that promise still matter to Americans today?
aired 25 days ago
Released from prison, a man returns home to an empty house. But his wife has left a Bible behind and in his desperation he begins to read it.
aired 31 days ago
He watched 3 people do CPR on his wife until they pronounced her dead. But when he called on the name of Jesus, a miracle happened.
aired 32 days ago
Collagen is a protein with lots of benefits to your skin and joints, but we lose it as we age. Dr. Josh Axe reveals some simple ways to restore and increase collagen.
aired 34 days ago
You want to avoid opioids and their risk of addiction, but how else do you deal with chronic pain? CBN's Lorie Johnson reveals some proven alternatives.
aired 35 days ago
You want to avoid opioids and their risk of addiction, but how else do you deal with chronic pain? CBN's Lorie Johnson reveals some proven alternatives.
aired 38 days ago
The fictional title character of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was based on a real person. Discover the inspiring true story of Josiah Henson.
aired 42 days ago
A former Navy Seal hits rock bottom, but finds redemption when he remembers his brother's advice.
aired 46 days ago
Neurologist Dr. Perlmutter shares the latest ways to improve your brain health without drugs.
aired 52 days ago
Inspiring stories of miracles and answered prayers from around the world.
aired 53 days ago
Amazing stories of people who have experienced God's blessings.

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