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This hourlong reality show, from the producers of "Jersey Shore," examines what goes on after hours at two of the most popular tattoo shops in Los Angeles: House of Ink, in the heart of the Venice boardwalk, and Ink Kandy, located near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Outrageous clients come into the shops late at night with unusual requests for tattoos and piercings, including a man who wants a bat tattoo on his face, and a couple who just met and are in search of matching tattoos to express their love. The staffers at the shops include a New Jersey native who got his start in the industry cleaning a tattoo parlor, and an experienced artist who has a roster of celebrity clients that includes actress Angie Harmon.

Latest episodes

aired 1,074 days ago
Kim gets a shoulder tattoo; Katie gets a tattoo that is against her religion; Heather has a shocking reaction to a back corset piercing.
aired 1,075 days ago
Martanae gets a naked picture of herself tattooed; Chris gets a tattoo honoring his deceased girlfriend; a sexy grandma fights with her boyfriend over the design of her first tattoo.
aired 1,082 days ago
Laine gets a scar covered; a couple married by Satan gets pierced; Charles gets a Japanese warrior tattoo.
aired 1,089 days ago
Katrina gets her rear end pierced and Joe's girlfriend breaks up with him over his face tattoo.
aired 1,095 days ago
BMX star Rick Thorne gets a tattoo around a bump on his head; the Venice and Hollywood shops face off; Asaru has a crush on a reborn virgin.
aired 1,095 days ago
The Venice crew goes to Hollywood; Jersey faces off with Friday and Christine.
aired 1,103 days ago
Sisters get matching mermaid tattoos; Michelle gets dermals on her lower back; Joseph gets a tattoo as an apology.
aired 1,137 days ago
Betty gets a face tattoo after leaving her fiancée; Gabrealla gets a larger back corset piercing; Jersey Joe gets a late night client he won't forget soon.
aired 1,207 days ago
Derek gets a seahorse on his abs; Mailyn and her family get body art to celebrate beating breast cancer; Hippy gets dermals on her back to accentuate an existing tattoo.
aired 1,228 days ago
Dreah wants a third eye pierced; Nizhoni's dream of dedicating a tattoo to her mother is in jeopardy; a couple of bruised girls appear at the shop.
aired 1,228 days ago
Amber Nicole gets an Egyptian goddess tattoo; Saxon gets her name in lights; two cousins push Christine to the breaking point with their indecisiveness.
aired 1,228 days ago
Jeremy gets a guy mantra tattooed on his leg; Stevie gets her first professional tattoo; Paige gets three piercings after breaking up with her boyfriend.
aired 1,230 days ago
Helena has a hard time with a lower back tattoo; a couple gets tattoos because their spirit guide told them to; one best friend isn't sure she can go through with her matching back piercing.
aired 1,230 days ago
Adriana gets an unusual piercing; Josh gets his first tattoo; Bryan has a surprise for Sarah.
aired 1,231 days ago
Chucky gets a skull tattoo to forget his ex; James gets a blessed tattoo on his face; Destiny gets pierced in a sensitive place.
aired 1,235 days ago
A couple gets matching tattoos; a mom celebrates her daughter's 21st with a piercing that goes wrong; Victoria gets a painful tattoo in her famous cousin's honor; Christine shoots down a touchy client.
aired 1,242 days ago
Kari shows she is the boss with a ransom note tattoo; Jonathan gets an unforgettable piercing.

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