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Sword Art Online: Alicization

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After an attempt on his life, comatose gamer Kazuto becomes trapped once again in a virtual reality world, where he must reconstruct lost memories of his time spent there with a girl named Alice to solve the mystery behind the program.

Latest episodes

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Kirito and Eugeo fight Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One, whom Alice ordered to confront them; when Eugeo recognizes Eldrie and reveals his true identity, he and Kirito discover someone or something rewrote his memories.
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After being imprisoned beneath the Central Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo plot their escape; Asuna tries to monitor Kazuto's treatment in the real world.
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Kirito leaves the dorm to search for Ronie and Tiese and Frenica reveals where the pair went off to.
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Eugeo must decide how to improve his sword; facing ridicule from his upper classmates, Eugeo accepts a duel with Humbert.
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Kirito duels Volo Levantein.
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Two years after leaving Rulid Village, Kirito and Eugeo begin attending North Centoria Imperial Swordcraft Academy hoping to become Integrity Knights.
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Inside the research laboratory Rath, Asuna and Rinko learn the truth about Kazuto's condition and the nature of Project Alicization.
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Kazuto's friends in the real world try to visit him in the hospital where his body is being cared for, but meet suspicious resistance.
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When Selka leaves for the End Mountains on her own, Kirito and Eugeo try to track her down, but run into a group of hostile goblins.
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Kirito takes action to obtain Eugeo's help on his quest to Centoria; Selka, Alice's younger sister, tells Kirito something important about Eugeo.
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Awakening back in the virtual world, but with no memory of his time there, Kirito attempts to piece together information on where he is and why he can't log out.
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Kazuto spends simulated years inside a virtual world in an experiment to interact with the game's characters; one of his friends, a girl named Alice, breaks a law of the land and is sentenced to death; returning to reality, Kazuto loses his memory.
airs in 12 days
With Cardinal's blessing, Kirito and Eugeo regain their weapons and ascend through the Central Cathedral, but must soon defend themselves against an archer's surprise attack.
airs in 5 days
Cardinal helps Kirito and Eugeo elude capture and sequesters them in the Great Library, where she explains how the Axiom Church formed and reveals the Administrator's past.

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