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Swimming With Monsters

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Naturalist Backshall heads to water to fulfill his wish of studying four huge animals to find out more about their behavior and communication techniques. Scientists and extreme divers study the fascinating but deadly animals, then locate the creatures to allow Steve to do the unthinkable: Swim with the monsters. Among animals that Backshall tries to accompany are the hippopotamus, the anaconda, the illusive giant Humboldt squid, and one of the world's most-feared sea creatures, the white shark.

Latest episodes

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Naturalist Steve Backshall heads to a remote area of Brazil to search for the anaconda, then takes a swim with the large snake.
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Steve travels to the Sea of Cortez to study the hunting behavior of the voracious Humboldt squid; he tries to avoid being dragged into the abyss as he uses himself as bait.
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Naturalist Steve Backshall visits Africa to take an underwater dip with the fiercely territorial and wildly unpredictable hippopotamus.
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Steve will attempt to get a huge shark to swallow a state of the art thermometer to see if they are really cold blooded.

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