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Wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen Audel attempts to stay alive in some of the world's most inhospitable places by using centuries-old techniques. Hazen joins tribes in the rainforests of Ecuador, the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, the mountains of western Mongolia, the frozen Arctic of Canada, in equatorial Kenya, and on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean to learn the skills firsthand. He hunts with bows and poisoned arrows, climbs harsh mountains in search of prey, and harvests food beneath shifting sea ice, among other challenges that push him to his limits.

Latest episodes

aired 714 days ago
Hazen Audel must prove himself to determine whether he is brave enough and skilled enough to haul in a shark from a dugout canoe.
aired 783 days ago
Hazen must chisel through three feet of ice to catch Arctic char and learn to build an igloo. Then, he must go into ice chambers below the sea to harvest mussels.
aired 790 days ago
Hazen Audel is put to the test by Mongolian Kazakhs as he attempts to survive frigid temperatures and hunt with golden eagles.
aired 804 days ago
Hazen Audel endures a crash course with the San people of Namibia in the hopes of joining an elite four-man team on an epic Kalahari hunt.
aired 811 days ago
Hazen Audel lives among some of the world's fiercest and most isolated tribes.
aired 1,101 days ago
In Mongolia's stark Altai Mountains, Hazen Audel learns that the greatest ally to a Kazakh hunter is the golden eagle.
aired 1,108 days ago
Hazen joins elite fishermen in the Solomon Islands, where survival is tough.