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"Robot Chicken" fans take note, "SuperMansion" comes from many of the same people as the long-running Adult Swim favorite. Instead of focusing on pop culture and nostalgic toys, though, it's a superhero-centric show. Aging superhero Titanium Rex -- voiced by Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston -- has long headed the League of Freedom, a once-proud group of heroes that is on the decline due to an influx of heroes from the millennial generation who have little interest in fighting crime. Rex ends up mentoring the young warriors in the SuperMansion, where they live together, as they try to learn to fight for justice, liberty and the need to stay relevant to society.

Latest episodes

aired 318 days ago
A Black Saturn from the future travels to Storm City in hopes of stopping an event that will trigger the apocalypse.
aired 319 days ago
J.K. Simmons shadows Titanium Rex in hopes of portraying him in a League of Freedom movie; the villains in Storm City form a new club and move into a new lair.
aired 324 days ago
The league's newest member reveals her plan: a restaurant and arcade with a League of Freedom theme; an existential crisis.
aired 325 days ago
Titanium Rex wants a beloved friend to join the league to boost its tarnished image; the ins and outs of fraternity life.
aired 326 days ago
The League of Freedom remains in turmoil after Dr. Devizo destroyed the SuperMansion and released the villains into Storm City; American Ranger tries to help Cooch cope with Brad's death; a mysterious internet cult could leak sensitive information.
aired 331 days ago
Dr. Devizo orchestrates a jailbreak of the League's most dangerous villains.
aired 332 days ago
A motley band of super heroes struggles to remain relevant in a world laden with caped guys.
aired 333 days ago
Dr. Devizo plans his escape from the mansion's underground prison; Rex attempts to match wits with Devizo; Black Saturn goes undercover; American Ranger seeks retribution for Rex and Gloria's infidelity.
aired 338 days ago
Rex and Ranger's camping trip does not go as planned; Rex waits for the perfect time to talk to reveal a dark secret to Ranger; Saturn hides his relationship with Lex.
aired 339 days ago
When Black Saturn is cut off financially, he uses Lex in his bid to gain an allowance; Jewbot explores the life of a caregiver; Titanium Rex attempts to cancel his cable subscription.
aired 340 days ago
Brad's nefarious origins are revealed and his checkered past catches up with him while the rest of the League looks for any kind of escape from Titanium Rex's game night; American Ranger discovers the joys of the modern Internet.
aired 345 days ago
Black Saturn gets into the dating scene after a cat burglar breaks his heart; Rex, Ranger, and Brad try a sadistic new workout regimen with personal trainer Johnny Rabdo; Lex tries to get on Cooch's good side; Jewbot struggles with gender identity.
aired 346 days ago
Titanium Rex is shocked when his illegitimate daughter shows up at his front door; being quite attractive, she immediately receives the attention of the boys, and the wrath of Cooch.
aired 347 days ago
When Sgt. Agony discovers that Cooch is illiterate, the League of Freedom bands together to help her study for her GED; American Ranger embarks on a road trip in search of the American dream; Jewbot yearns to be an inspirational influence.
aired 352 days ago
Kid Victory joins the League for dinner at the mansion; Rex tries to secure more funding; Ranger struggles with Kid Victory's lifestyle; the rest of the League goes grocery shopping.
aired 353 days ago
After an embarrassing encounter with interstellar super villain Blazar, Titanium Rex tries to salvage his public image; Black Saturn launches an investigation to find out who is eating his food; Brad tries to take advantage of Cooch being in heat.
aired 354 days ago
When Titanium Rex's old colleague Omega Ted is found dead, the League of Freedom must care for his orphaned Omega Pets.
aired 355 days ago
After damaging a national monument, the League of Freedom gets called before Congress and investigated by military accountant Sgt. Agony; Black Saturn embarks on a showdown with his nemesis, the Groaner.
aired 874 days ago
The League of Freedom must join forces with the Injustice Club to protect the human race from a Subtopian invasion.
aired 881 days ago
To protect the league, Rex takes on a new identity and goes into hiding; as Storm City faces a dire threat, Robobot tries to reunite the league.
aired 887 days ago
Rex's older brother, Titanium Dax, and his rock monster slave, Liplor, find their way to Earth, and reveal a dangerous secret.

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