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Fun-loving jet plane Jett delivers packages to children around the world in this animated series. Jett teams up with the Super Wings, a group of airplanes that can transform into robots, to tackle new challenges and work through issues that teach problem-solving skills and the importance of cultural diversity. The Super Wings crew includes mission director Jimbo, rescue copter Dizy, gadget guru Donnie and expert navigator Jerome -- an important part of the group because the planes travel to 52 cities in 45 countries on their adventures, requiring someone who is able to help navigate.

Latest episodes

VOD available
A teddy bear for Cecily in London; a guitar for Shanna in Jamaica.
VOD available
Jett brings a fireman's hat to Stefan in Germany; Jett brings a miner's helmet to Bolivia.
VOD available
Jett goes to Peru with pins; dance shoes for a theater troupe in New York.
VOD available
Jett delivers binoculars to Ella on the Galapagos Islands; Jett brings a toy castle to Ayesha in The Maldives.
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Ice skates for Canada; a unicycle for Russia.
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Jett brings an archaeology kit to Akiiki, a boy in Egypt; Karl from Norway asks for a Viking helmet.
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Jett takes brushes to Willem in The Netherlands; Jett brings a kite to a boy named Akas in the Himalayas who wants to fly it in a kite festival.
aired 24 days ago
Princess Maribelle from England asks for sparkly collars for her puppies to wear at her royal tea party.
aired 27 days ago
Nambayar from Mongolia asks for glowing stars to decorate the inside of her tent; Riley from Hollywood directs his first action film.
VOD available
Jett brings colorful paper to Yuki in Japan; Jett delivers a camera to Sam in Papua New Guinea.
VOD available
Callum from Scotland wants bagpipes that blow bubbles so he can play them for Nessie; Jett has a feathered headdress for Camila from Brazil.
VOD available
Jett takes a pair of running shoes that light up to Lorna; Jett travels to Hawaii to bring Keilani a hula skirt.
VOD available
Jett goes to Venice, Italy with a mask for Luca to wear at his masquerade party; Martine in Paris, France needs a cake-decorating machine.
airs today
Animated planes have adventures.
VOD available
Animated planes have adventures.
VOD available
Mei from Beijing, China, requests a shadow puppet to use in a shadow play; Brigita from Romania hosts a spooky party and wants a flashlight that projects scary shapes.
aired 323 days ago
Satomi is the girl who wants her cat's attention; Jett delivers a cat toy to her in Yanesen, Tokyo.
aired 323 days ago
Jett visits Iulia in Romania to deliver a large mechanical key for her grandfather's Blockosaurus Park, a theme park with wonderful block dinosaurs.
aired 324 days ago
Martha in Barcelona ordered some broken pieces of tiles and dishes to create a mosaic birdhouse.
aired 335 days ago
Jett visits Ivan and his Dalmatian Mondo in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
aired 336 days ago
Animated planes have adventures.

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