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Super Mario World

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Brothers Mario and Luigi, Princess Toadstool and dinosaur Yoshi travel around Dinosaur Land, defending it from sinister King Koopa.

Latest episodes

aired 33 days ago
Kootie Pie kidnaps Mama Fireplant.
aired 34 days ago
Koopa lures the cave people to a circus trap.
aired 35 days ago
Yoshi must enter a haunted forest to rescue Mario and the others from Magikoopa.
aired 36 days ago
Mario introduces the cave people to cars -- and the problems that come with them.
aired 37 days ago
Koopa gets Luigi, Yoshi and the cave people addicted to a dangerous kind of fast food.
aired 48 days ago
Mario and Luigi introduce Christmas to Dinosaur Land, but Koopa takes all the gifts.
VOD available
Princess Toadstool tries to teach kindergarten, but Hip and Hop disrupt her class.
VOD available
Koopa distributes televisions designed to hypnotize the cave people and turn them against Mario and the gang; Magikoopa turns Luigi into an egg, and Cheatsy and Bully challenge Mario and Yoshi to football.
aired 51 days ago
When Mario makes telephones for the cave people, they get hooked on the new technology; Luigi tries to help the cave people farm crops, but Ceatsy and Monty Moles sabotage their efforts.
aired 81 days ago
A dejected Yoshi joins a mean dinosaur biker gang.

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