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Street Outlaws: Full Throttle

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Exploring the world of underground street racing.

Latest episodes

aired 51 days ago
With added facts and bonus content -- Memphis vs. NOLA: The final matchup is set, with $100,000 at stake. Kye Kelley's NOLA team is riding high after defeating Detroit, but JJ and the MSO think their team is unstoppable. A sketchy road tests both teams.
aired 121 days ago
With added facts and bonus content -- Memphis vs. NOLA: After an MSO runs off the road, the teams head into Round 2 knowing any mistake can be deadly. JJ and Kye Kelley fight to win the ultimate prize -- $100,000 and the title of Fastest in America.
aired 135 days ago
The fast-paced feud between Detroit and South Carolina continues and Motor City brings more power than their cars can handle; Block's team tries to take advantage of Detroit's mistake, and the race comes down to the wire.
aired 135 days ago
The second match of round two pits Chucky and his team from Detroit against Chris Block and his South Carolina racers; tensions have been mounting since the duo's scuffle at the last chip draw, and the $100,000 pot is fanning the flames.
aired 142 days ago
With added facts and bonus content; Rankin's Northeast crew refuses to be counted out as they attempt to outrun and outgun Kye and the NOLA crew.
aired 142 days ago
With added facts and bonus content; Chris Rankin's street-smart crew from the Northeast takes on the upstart Kye Kelley and his team from New Orleans in the second round of history's biggest street race.
aired 156 days ago
A storm brews between the Kentucky racers and the drivers from the Northeast; Quinn begins to unravel, and JJ intervenes before things get violent; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 156 days ago
Quinn and his family of Kentucky racers take on the ragtag team from the Northeast led by Chris Rankin; Rankin's team has never raced together before, but Quinn's temper may get the best of him; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 163 days ago
Kye Kelley and his NOLA racers take on Birdman and his team from Texas, and things get heated; the rivals' history of bad blood boils over when NOLA has car trouble, and Texas refuses to play nice; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 170 days ago
The South Carolina underdogs bring the fight to the St. Louis crew, but mouthy leadership and fired-up temperatures dominate the tension-filled night; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 170 days ago
Eight street racing teams from around the United States come together in Memphis, Tenn., for a chance to win $100,000, but a win won't come without a fight; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 226 days ago
It's Round 2 of the season's seventh race, and Team NOLA is ready to make an impact despite its first-round strategy not panning out; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 233 days ago
Points-leader Ryan quickly becomes aware of the painful consequences of his decisions just as the racers begin round two; with added facts and bonus content.
aired 387 days ago
OKC and Texas face off in an old-school Cash Days race; eight drivers from each state race for more than $30,000 and the bragging rights for the fastest street race cars in the nation; with insider facts and bonus footage.
aired 394 days ago
Boosted holds a Small Tire Shootout for $10,000 on the no-prep track in Ohio, while the OKC prepares to take on Texas in an epic Cash Days showdown for $33,000; with insider facts and bonus footage.
aired 401 days ago
It's the last list race of the season, and every racer revs up for the big race; Farmtruck and AZN go fishing at cruise night; on race night, a mistake threatens to derail Chief, and Ryan races for the top spot; with insider facts and bonus footage.
aired 408 days ago
It's nearing the end of the list racing season, and the racers make big changes in a last-ditch effort to move up the list; on race night, big changes in untested cars result in big problems; with insider facts and bonus footage.
aired 422 days ago
Ryan Martin preps his car while Big Chief and Daddy Dave get competitive in test sessions as they all gear up for another chance at being number one; the 405 hustle, but broken cars slow them down; with insider facts and bonus footage.
aired 429 days ago
With insider facts and bonus footage - Farmtruck and AZN are invited to Summernats in Australia for a burnout competition. They ship a new truck Down Under and get help prepping it in time for competition to learn the true definition of burning rubber.
aired 443 days ago
Monza's car is faster than ever after the wreck; Murder Nova revs up to get back into the top five; Farmtruck and AZN find a fun use for discarded airbags; race night heats up as drivers try to shake up the list; with insider facts and bonus footage.
aired 450 days ago
Farmtruck and AZN rebuild the Gonorail, then head to Kansas to fish; back in Oklahoma, Ryan and Dominator repair their cars for race night, but when a driver loses control, the evening comes to a screeching halt; with insider facts and bonus footage.

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Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman deal in rusty gold. The proprietors of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas buy, restore and resell forgotten, derelict American cars, everything from 1931 Model A cars to '73 Trans Ams. As "Fast N' Loud" shows, Rawlings is the mastermind, a deal-maker with an eye for relics worth their efforts, and to find them the guys search barns, fields and auctions across the U.S. Kaufman manages most restorations. He's a fabricator and self-taught mechanic, whose techniques and design skills first endeared him to Rawlings and kick-started the partnership. At the end of Season 12, that partnership ended when Kaufman exited Gas Monkey, leaving Rawlings as the series' sole star.