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Stranger Than Nature

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Stories of unexplained phenomenons in nature.

Latest episodes

aired 95 days ago
Rocks in Death Valley move by themselves; dogs in New Zealand fall violently ill at the same time; cheetahs suffer eye injuries.
aired 95 days ago
Marine biologists investigate the Humboldt squid.
aired 178 days ago
Lake Champlain's "Loch Ness Monster"; a blue spiral light appears in the pitch black sky; an unseen attacker strikes swimmers on New Zealand's beaches.
aired 179 days ago
Fish rain down on a remote town in Australia.
aired 179 days ago
An odd alienlike creature washes up on the shores of Montauk, Long Island; The creature has a birdlike beak, a bald, bloated body and seems to have a tag tied to its front limb.
aired 356 days ago
A mystery predator at Kruger National Park; unidentified creature in North Carolina; lorikeets in Australia act strangely.
aired 356 days ago
An alien-like creature is found dead on the side of the road; salmon in Canada's Fraser River.
aired 356 days ago
Animals act strangely across the globe; sticky mystery goo.
aired 356 days ago
A beach known for shark bites; a feline predator; hundreds of elk become paralyzed.
aired 440 days ago
A small town in Scotland has been plagued by pet dogs leaping to their death off the same bridge; five have perished in the last six months alone.
aired 441 days ago
Exploring whether an extinct predator can come back from the dead to terrorize a town.
aired 445 days ago
Endangered sea turtles wash ashore dead following a deadly U.S. oil spill, but show no signs of oil.
aired 446 days ago
Exploring what creature could have built the giant 40-foot spider web that engulfs an East Texas forest and why it would have made such a large web.
aired 448 days ago
Hundreds of crocodiles suddenly die; sharks wash up on California beaches; a sterile mule gives birth.
aired 449 days ago
A serial killer runs loose in Australia, where endangered fairy penguins are found dead with apparent gunshot wounds; wildlife experts and outraged volunteers launch a full-scale investigation.
aired 449 days ago
Exploring if reindeer can really fly; uncovering the cause of dead marine turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.

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