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Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge

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Steve Austin is known as one of the toughest competitors in professional wrestling history, so his personal obstacle course, which he calls the Skullbuster, is very difficult. Being able to complete it is worth cash to one of the eight contestants in each episode. They vie in a series of head-to-head battles -- with menacing names like Trench Warfare and Pulverizer -- until just one man or woman remains. That person gets to take on the Austin-designed Skullbuster, a half-mile stretch of 10 obstructions designed to stop even hard-core athletes. Completing that leg -- which is far from certain -- earns the winner $10,000.

Latest episodes

aired 5 days ago
Steve Austin welcomes back eight of the toughest contestants to ever compete on the ranch for a second shot at glory; they'll battle it out in The Drain and The Octagon before two of them get a chance at the Skullbuster.
aired 12 days ago
Eight intense female athletes come to the ranch to compete in Summit, Death Grip and The Peak.
aired 20 days ago
Eight of the best military athletes in the country battle it out on the ranch in "Drag Race," "The Wake" and "Pile Drive."
aired 25 days ago
The big boys take their turn on Steve Austin's ranch to battle it out in Summit, Death Grip and The Peak; it all comes down to the pit, with only one man left standing to take his shot at the Skullbuster for a chance to win.
aired 26 days ago
Eight elite women lay it on the line in Drag Race, The Wake and Pile Drive.
aired 30 days ago
Steve Austin invites eight tough-as-nails women to the ranch to take on Rip Off 2.0, Hoisted and Tire Change; at the end of the day, only one will be left standing.
aired 31 days ago
Eight more elite athletes go head to head in Rip Off 2.0, Hoisted and Tire Change.
aired 31 days ago
Eight elite female athletes have accepted Steve Austin's invitation to take on Trench Warfare 2.0, Stress Test and Boulder Press.
aired 32 days ago
Eight new bad asses descend on Steve Austin's ranch to battle it out in Trench Warfare, Stress Test and Boulder Press.
aired 44 days ago
Eight of the fiercest women to set foot on the ranch battle through the Drain, Death Grip and the Octagon for the right to take on Steve's new Skullbuster and a chance at $10,000.
aired 45 days ago
Eight men look to be the one to take on the new Skullbuster obstacle course for a chance at $10,000.
airs in 3 days
Steve Austin invites back 16 of his favorite competitors for a special Co-Ed Broken Skull Challenge, where they take on new challenges The Monster and Block Party.
airs in 3 days
Steve Austin invites back former bracket champions and competitors they took out along the way who are back for revenge. but it won't be easy as they have to fight through Trench Warfare and Chain Gang.
airs in 1 day
Steve Austin begins season four with eight hardcore athletes going head to head in three rounds of grueling competition; the winner will have to beat the returning champion's benchmark time in order to walk away with $10,000.

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