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Stargate SG-1

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A team of explorers made up of soldiers and scientists travels through a Stargate, an ancient portal to other planets. They use the Stargate to explore new worlds, forge ties with friendly civilizations and protect Earth from hostile forces. The TV series is based on the theatrical film "Stargate."

Latest episodes

aired 126 days ago
With extinction imminent, the Asgard decide to hand over all of their knowledge and technology to the SG-1 team.
aired 126 days ago
The SG-1 team creates an elaborate plan to use Vala as bait to capture Adria; Adria is taken captive by Ba'al.
aired 127 days ago
Vala's father attempts to trade intelligence to Stargate Command for sanctuary on Earth.
aired 133 days ago
When a sinister leader threatens the Jaffa nation, Teal'c must go rogue in order to stop him.
aired 133 days ago
SG-1 team members must play the part of hostage-takers when inhabitants of an alien planet mistake them for rebels.
aired 133 days ago
When SG-1 members undermine Netan and the Lucian Alliance, he decides to put a bounty on their heads.
aired 133 days ago
Daniel Jackson asks SG-1 to help him in a plan that might be a trap; the team must save Jackson's life and try to end the war with the Ori.
aired 134 days ago
An experiment gone awry leaves Carter trapped in a parallel reality under martial law.
aired 136 days ago
Mitchell and Carter must protect a village from occupation by Ori soldiers.
aired 136 days ago
SG-1 members work to help build the Sangraal before Adria and her Ori army can track them down.
aired 137 days ago
SG-1 members begin a quest to find the Sangraal after landing on a planet where they believe it to be.
aired 138 days ago
Members of the Lucian Alliance attack and board the Odyssey, and Mitchell goes under cover to track it down.
aired 139 days ago
Vala gets amnesia when Trust agents working for the Goa'uld Athena capture her.
aired 140 days ago
Adria leads an attack on a Jaffa planet after the Jaffa modify an ancient device to make it capable of defeating the Ori.
aired 141 days ago
SG-1 tries to help Martin Lloyd with his film script as a cover story to keep the Stargate Program secret.
aired 143 days ago
SG-1 tries to control a rash of brutal attacks by an alien creature.
aired 144 days ago
The team makes a pact with a former enemy to fight a common foe.
aired 145 days ago
The team travels to Atlantis with a new plan to defend the galaxy from the Ori.
aired 146 days ago
While searching for a weapon that will defeat the Ori, the team finds a planet whose inhabitants are dying of a mysterious illness.
aired 147 days ago
The team struggles to reunite after an Ori defeat.
aired 149 days ago
Mitchell and Daniel race to locate a device that will obliterate the Ori.

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