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Living together on a compound, 10 contestants engage in spying against their fellow players while competing for $100,000; former intelligence professionals train and judge the contestants in the art of espionage; Mia Kang hosts.

Latest episodes

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The final three competitors face off in a grand finale challenge, as the assessors test them on everything they've learned and watch them put their mental and physical techniques into action.
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In the last team challenge, players are split into teams of two and are tasked with breaking codes and with the final mission on the line, all bets and alliances are off.
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The remaining competitors are given false identities and sent on a blind date and when the Assessors turn up the heat on the challenge, the contestants have to maintain their aliases.
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The Assessors push the competitors past their physical and mental limits in an endurance test and with the challenge taking a dangerous turn, the front-runner cracks under the pressure.
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Competitors are dropped from the side of a building, as the Assessors test their ability to retain and recall information while under extreme pressure and alliances in the house begin to turn against one contestant, who is dealt a sabotage.
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Competitors break into two teams for a head-to-head challenge; after being tasked with breaking into a secret spy safe house to gather intelligence, only one competitor is named the winner and another is dismissed.
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Nine competitors face a mission that tests their patience, skill and fortitude; they race through a physically demanding course and put their training on lock-picking to the test; back at the safe house, suspicions run high over a stolen dossier.
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Ten individuals come together to live out their spy fantasies and attempt to win a game of espionage, based on a WWII spy program; the competitors must infiltrate a black-tie gala and find a contact after spending 24 hours surviving in the woods.
aired 82 days ago
A first look at the new series.