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There are some sports events and athletes that everybody knows about, including the Miracle on Ice, Muhammad Ali and Lou Gehrig. Over time, though, some of the items associated with them have either gone missing or been misidentified. On "Sports Detectives," private investigator Kevin Barrows and sports reporter Lauren Gardner travel across America in an attempt to locate the items to help put back together pieces of the country's sports history. Over the course of the series, Barrows and Gardner go in search of the ball Wilt Chamberlain used when he scored 100 points in 1962, the gold medal Ali won at the 1960 Olympics and the saddlecloth from Triple Crown winner Secretariat's Kentucky Derby victory in 1973.

Latest episodes

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The search for a missing Olympic gold medal won by one of the greatest sports heroes in American history.
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The investigation of a missing basketball and a controversial Kentucky Derby trophy.
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The search for a World Series home run ball and a rare bat that may have been used by a baseball legend.
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The search for Secretariat's missing Kentucky derby saddlecloth and Dale Earnhardt's first racecar.
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The hunt for the football involved in one of sports' greatest plays and a controversial championship ring.
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The hunt for the missing flag draped over USA goalie after the hockey team won Olympic gold in 1980.

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