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Split Second Decision

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When someone is in a life-or-death situation, every second counts and he likely has to make instantaneous decisions to maximize chances of survival. This docuseries takes viewers through the process of on-the-spot decision-making during crises. It tells stories of people who have just seconds to make their choices when faced with life-altering decisions. The show, narrated by journalist Jeff Rossen, also asks viewers to make decisions about what they would do if faced with hard-to-imagine scenarios such as escaping a capsized vessel in the middle of the sea or surviving a forest fire.

Latest episodes

aired 494 days ago
Survival strategies when trapped by a howling twister, a crowd stampede and a runaway escalator.
aired 501 days ago
What to do when confronted by an avalanche, an enraged rideshare driver and a bank robber.
aired 501 days ago
Real-life video puts viewers in harrowing life and death situations.