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Space Dandy

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Dandy is a fashionable space explorer on the hunt for aliens that have never been seen previously. For every new species Dandy discovers, he gets a significant reward. But he's not the only one searching for the aliens, and he must be quick because alien hunting is a first come, first served profession. Helping Dandy on his intergalactic quest are his sidekicks, rundown robot QT and cat-looking space alien Meow. The best-dressed alien hunter in space explores unknown, alien-inhabited worlds on an adventure that ends at the edge of the universe.

Latest episodes

aired 664 days ago
Dr. Gel finally captures Dandy, which starts an destructive space war that could end the universe; Honey and Scarlet team up with QT and Meow to save their favorite bounty hunter!
aired 671 days ago
A seemingly-harmless trip to Boobies ends with Dandy on trial for the murder of a very rare alien.
aired 678 days ago
Dandy must confront a painful memory from his past when a four-dimensional ex-girlfriend shows up looking for help avoiding the bounty hunter's two-dimensional former rival!
aired 685 days ago
Dandy is broke, so he agrees to pose as Scarlett's boyfriend in exchange for some cold hard cash. Does true love stand a chance when you're paying your date?
aired 692 days ago
Dandy and his crew head to Planet Grease for a dance party, but find themselves in a ghost town.
aired 699 days ago
When an encounter with a dark nebula maroons Dandy on a mysterious planet populated by bizarre beings.
aired 706 days ago
Dandy and a mysterious new friend decide to start a new rock group, if they can stop arguing over band names and T-shirt designs.
aired 713 days ago
Dandy joins forces with a suave and sophisticated alien in an attempt to save the day and collect a big bounty, after Dr. Gel kidnaps his favorite Boobies girl.
aired 720 days ago
Dandy and the gang take up fishing hoping to capture an extremely rare alien fish with a huge bounty, but they're going to need a bigger boat!
aired 727 days ago
Dandy goes under cover at a high school where popularity is determined by one's ability to sing and dance.
aired 741 days ago
Dandy and Meow get mixed up with a little alien whose planet is on the brink of obliteration.
aired 748 days ago
Dandy is lured to a distant planet where a ukulele-playing alien wants to turn him into a statue.
aired 755 days ago
If Space Dandy pulls the nearest Cosmic String, he could encounter the Space Dandy from every universe.
aired 762 days ago
QT falls in love with a coffeemaker and gets caught up in a revolution.
aired 769 days ago
QT finds a rare alien with the ability to impersonate any living thing.
aired 776 days ago
A book-like alien lures Dandy to a great library planet.
aired 783 days ago
A trip to Meow's home planet lands the gang into a time loop.
aired 797 days ago
Dandy's search for a mysterious alien brings him into contact with a race of giant, intelligent, talking plants.
aired 804 days ago
Dandy finds a dog on a deserted planet. This causes Meow gets jealous. The pooch is carrying tiny alien stowaways.
aired 811 days ago
A dreamy space racer gets the VIP treatment at Boobies and Dandy enters an intergalactic grand prix.
aired 818 days ago
Dandy and Meow are marooned on a distant planet locked in a war over whether or not to wear undies.

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