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An exploration of the Watergate scandal and how it eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Latest episodes

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The first televised soap opera debuts but it's Congressional hearings; as the public is on the edge of their seats, new evidence in the Watergate case emerges and conservative North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin is the unlikely star.
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A plane goes down in Chicago, intensifying suspicions of conspiracy in the Watergate case; mainstream journalists and intrepid outsiders pursue the truth through Nixon's bid for reelection.
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In the wake of the Watergate break-in, Texas Congressman Wright Patman follows a money trail that seems to lead to the White House; what follows is an extraordinary game of political cat and mouse.
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Martha Mitchell, wife of Nixon's attorney general John Mitchell, makes a discovery that changes her life and threatens to take down a sitting president; she will be the first of many to take on a White House determined to hide its secrets.
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Nixon and the office of the special prosecutor face a showdown and the country is watching.
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Republicans and Democrats struggle to work together under growing public pressure while an obscure White House bureaucrat named Alexander Butterfield drops a bombshell.