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TNT partners with Refinery29, a digital-media company focused on women, to provide a platform that supports the next generation of female storytellers to create short films that "redefine identity, imagination, and storytelling through the female lens." The anthology series allows female filmmakers of all ages, levels of recognition, and years of experience, the opportunity to bring their stories and directorial visions to life. Previous notable directors include Chloƫ Sevigny, Kristen Stewart, Tiffany Shlain, Meera Menon, Pamela Romanowsky and Anu Valia, among others.

Latest episodes

aired 445 days ago
A lonely man goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a cage.
aired 445 days ago
In 2041, as an unorthodox virus ravages the digital battlefields of Cyber War II, a renegade hacker and her interrogating CyberFed share far more than a mutual interest in the virus' origins.
aired 445 days ago
When news of the Cambodian genocide hits, a Czechoslovakian refugee reaches out to the Lutheran Refugee Service in hopes of welcoming a family like hers to her new life in Fargo.
aired 445 days ago
When Joy Fields ends her comfortable marriage, she finds herself trying to financially stay afloat by becoming a telegram singer; add an anxiety disorder to the mix, and welcome to the new life she's created for herself.
aired 445 days ago
A godmother's promise is to spiritually guide and support their godchild, even after they've spent the night in their car after a blowout at the bar.
aired 445 days ago
In this modern take on the French impressionist film "The Red Balloon," a young child wanders through Los Angeles while confronting the difficult realities of adolescence, while being black in America.
aired 445 days ago
A young, hip African-American foodie couple fight to resolve communication problems in a modern marriage of six years, four months and three and a half days.
aired 445 days ago
During a reluctant trip to her late grandmother's home in the middle of nowhere, Nancy learns that a person's sentiment and complexities aren't limited to the things they leave behind.

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