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Shark After Dark

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Discovery's megapopular Shark Week franchise includes the hit talk show "Shark After Dark," which dives into highlights from the night's festivities and previews the next day's programs. Celebrity guests, shark experts and shark aficionados, among other devotees of the marine creatures, offer commentary.

Latest episodes

aired 346 days ago
Rob Riggle, Bob the Shark and DJ Jauz close out another week of "Shark After Dark with TV presenter Howie Mandel and cinematographer Joe Romeiro.
aired 347 days ago
Rob Riggle dives deeper into the Shark Week film "Capsized: Blood in the Water" with its cast.
aired 348 days ago
It's all things Jaws with host Rob Riggle, Jeff Kurr and "Shark After Dark" resident DJ Jauz.
aired 349 days ago
Rob Riggle, Mark Cuban and Andy Casagrande have many things in common, but, most importantly, they may or may not know all the dance moves to the "Baby Shark" remix by resident DJ Jauz.
aired 350 days ago
Celebrating night one of Shark Week, Rob Riggle sits down with the cast of "Shark Trip: Eat Prey Chum."

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