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Four-time NBA champion and basketball analyst Shaquille O'Neal is followed in his pursuit to become the ultimate father, athlete, DJ and businessman.

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In the season finale, Shaq tries to achieve all his off-season goals; he'll be grappling a UFC fighter, performing at Lollapalooza, and turning around a major company, all while trying to help his son achieve his own dreams.
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When his youngest son and nephew move into his Atlanta home in hopes of becoming better basketball players, Shaq's no-nonsense approach doesn't gel with the boys' cocky attitudes; Shaquille trains for his upcoming UFC wrestling match.
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After a whirlwind European DJ tour, Shaquille takes some time to connect with his kids; while Shareef grapples with returning to basketball after a life-threatening illness, Shaquille imparts some fatherly advice he hopes can help his oldest son.
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The road-weary team faces its toughest challenge yet when a technical disaster threatens to shut down the European DJ tour for good; in order to earn real cred as a legit DJ, Shaq and his team have to kill it at their biggest gig: Tomorrowland.
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Shaquille sets out to win over the European EDM crowd on a whirlwind multicountry tour; when things start to go wrong and tensions within his team start to boil over, the entire tour threatens to come crashing down.
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After a near-disastrous first DJ show in Vegas, Shaq faces a fickle young crowd at Red Rocks; as Shaquille trains with other athletes half his age, a challenge presents itself that the aging superstar might want to sit out.
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After joining the Papa John's board in the wake of a huge national scandal, Shaq receives backlash from the African American community; family time in the Bahamas may give him the morale boost he needs to turn the haters into believers.
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Shaq's credibility as a serious DJ takes a hit after a difficult club gig; Shaquille makes up for lost time as a dad while also working to change public perception around the troubled Papa John's brand as their first African American board member.
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As one of the busiest people on the planet, Shaquille O'Neal has a serious to-do list he wants to tackle between "Inside the NBA" seasons; the summer starts off on rocky footing when Shaq's first DJ club gig in Vegas hits some serious speed bumps.

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Basketball legends and former teammates Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant sit down for a conversation, covering everything from their three consecutive championships with the Los Angeles Lakers to their relationship over the years.
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