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Some of the world's famous relics have secrets behind them that contribute to their complete stories. "Secrets" explores the mysteries relating to some of these historic landmarks to reveal the truths behind them. The latest research and forensic techniques are used to find out the stories behind the fabled cities, monuments and remnants featured on the show. Episodes include Egyptian historians on a mission to decode the mysteries of the Great Sphinx, archeologists unearthing secrets of Richard III, and an investigation into whether the bust of Nefertiti is real or a hoax.

Latest episodes

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Scientists and anthropologists study the ancient craft of head shrinking and the troubled culture of the tribe that made them.
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New evidence may prove that the Bible's tale of the ten plagues of Egypt actually happened.
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A mass grave discovered in England may turn out to be the largest gladiatorial burial site ever found.
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New discoveries found in and around Stonehenge are reshaping the history of this 5,000-year-old prehistoric monument.
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Why the inhabitants of Petra abandoned their thriving ancient metropolis.
aired 8 days ago
Evidence shows that the Tower of Babel, the subject of one of the Bible's most incredible stories, actually existed.
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New scientific evidence reveals the true story behind the legend of Atlantis.
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Scientists make new discoveries on King Tut's tomb.
aired 10 days ago
Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti is examined.
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Experts examine an ancient chalice in Spain that could be the Holy Grail.
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The Copper Scroll may hold the secret to the location of the Ark of the Covenant, but experts must decode it and find its legendary treasure trove.
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A pyramid near St. Louis holds the secrets of North America's first mega-city.
aired 17 days ago
Harvard professor Karen King and other Bible scholars investigate the history of Gospel and other early Christian writings, including a controversial artifact that suggests Jesus was married.
aired 20 days ago
The Great Wall of China's biggest secrets are revealed through modern science and technology.
aired 21 days ago
Experts examine the remains of a 300-year-old shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina, which has been identified as Blackbeard's flagship.
aired 22 days ago
A weapon coveted by kings and conquerors with magical powers.
aired 23 days ago
The Ark of the Covenant was made to carry the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written as they wandered through the desert.
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The remains of dozens of Norse warriors are found in a circular fortified settlement in Sweden, revealing a bloody power struggle 1,500 years ago.
aired 27 days ago
Engineer Peter James and archaeologist Mark Lehner attempt to solve the mystery of how the Great Pyramid was built.
aired 28 days ago
The mysteries behind the Easter Island head statues.
aired 29 days ago
Researchers examine a 15th-century map depicting the Norse exploration of the New World to determine whether it is a genuine artifact or a clever hoax.

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