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Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Hannah Baxter, a 27-year-old college graduate, has her parents believing she works as a legal secretary, but she actually entertains clients of an exclusive London escort service as her alter ego, Belle. Her job allows her to live in something close to luxury, but the strain of leading this double life occasionally catches up with her and keeps her from enjoying a more conventionally "normal" life with her family and friends.

Latest episodes

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Ben asks Belle to give up her job.
VOD available
Relations between Ben and Belle remain frosty.
VOD available
Belle has a nasty surprise upon her arrival back home.
VOD available
Belle arrives in New York to work on the movie.
VOD available
Belle tries to help Poppy come to terms.
VOD available
Belle meets an alluring, dangerous new client.
VOD available
Belle wonders if she has taken on too much.
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Belle considers a new business proposition.
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The tryst between Duncan and Bambi is revealed at her wedding; Ben reveals his true feelings.
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Belle hires a male escort for research, but feels guilty.
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The meeting between Duncan and Ben goes badly, forcing Belle to make a decision.
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Belle resists the notion of a serious relationship; Bambi becomes engaged.
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Belle counsels Ben about his failing relationship and Bambi about her client romance.
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Tension between Belle and Duncan increases; Jackie wants her sister to accept her relationship; Bambi ignores Belle's warnings.
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Belle tries to broaden Jackie's sexual horizons; suffering writer's block, Belle seeks help from Duncan.
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With the success of her book, Belle worries about material for a follow-up; Belle's sister needs a place to stay.
aired 556 days ago
Hannah struggles with the realities of the job and considers a suggestion from Ben.
aired 557 days ago
Belle takes a respectable job to pursue Alex; Ben is on the verge of confessing his feelings to Hannah.
aired 558 days ago
Belle agrees to attend a big party with Bambi for Stephanie.
aired 559 days ago
Belle agonizes over lying to Alex about work.
aired 563 days ago
Belle's feelings for Alex affect her performance at work.

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