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Save My Skin

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Dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne diagnoses and treats patients with some of the most extreme skin conditions in the United Kingdom.

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Abi's sweaty palms have her grasping for answers; Stephen's massive amount of lumps are often a constant source of pain; Mitchell can no longer stand his scars; Lynn's acne has drained her sense of self-worth.
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The growth on Traceyleanne's nose is cause for concern; lumps have taken over Jonathan's body; Holly's four nipples are two too many for her liking; Danny's scars are just the tip of the iceberg.
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Abigail's acne has run unchecked for years; Gavin's smelly blisters are so painful he can't walk; Gemma's dream of having a baby is hampered by the lump on her shoulder and the ganglion cyst on Janette's wrist.
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Rachel's body is covered in hundreds of squishy bumps, Paul has a giant lump on his back, and John's nose has grown completely out of control.
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Elise is tormented by leaking abscesses, Onique can feel the people staring at the lump on her ear, Dr. Emma performs the newly named Victor Technique on a man plagued by bumps, and Aria's beard is the only thing standing in the way of her femininity.
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Louise's painful skin condition has taken over her life, Andrew dreams of finding love but the bumps on his scalp are turning off the ladies, Scott's odorous cysts are ruining his life and Tracey finally seeks treatment for the lump on her leg.
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Sarah's rosacea has crippled her confidence; Stephen's eczema is a bleeding mess; the lump on Gary's head has him worried for his health.
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David and Callum's lumps give Dr Emma cause for concern; Sofie worries that her skin condition will derail her swimming ambitions; Katerina prays that her acne will clear up so she can pursue modeling and Jordan's scalp is strewn with Pilar cysts.

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