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After being accused of kidnapping his estranged 13-year-old daughter Jody a decade ago, Nelly goes on a search to find her after having not seen her for over 10 years.

Latest episodes

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Nelly stages a lock-in at The Palm Tree, where he confronts a regular about their role in Jody's disappearance.
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Nelly begs Melon to help him get close to a brothel owner, in the hope that he will lead him to Jody; Melon learns that a young girl with Jody's description is to be sold through an auction.
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A police recording of a distressed emergency call from Jody is traced to Streatham; Nelly finds a unique way of locating the property Jody was held in.
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Nelly confronts Melon and questions him over Jody's disappearance; Thorpe and O'Halloran reveal to Claire and Barry that the police received a distress call from Jody over two weeks ago, the day after she went missing.
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Tam helps Nelly get back on his feet; Barry makes a surprising reward offer at a press conference, leading Claire to suspect his motives; when Melon disappears after being arrested, Nelly suspects he may be involved.
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Nelly sets off to find his estranged daughter after being accused of kidnapping her 10 years ago; the police are not convinced he is innocent, so he sets out to find his daughter and prove them wrong.

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