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Sabrina, the Animated Series

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An animated prequel to the live-action show "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," the series features 12-year-old Sabrina Spellman, who's half mortal and half witch. Though few people know of her powers, and her mortal uncle frequently warns her not to use her magic to solve problems, Sabrina still borrows spells from the Spookie Jar and gets into trouble with her friend Harvey. Star Emily Hart is joined by Nick Bakay, also the voice of Salem in the live-action show, and her older sister, Melissa Joan Hart, here playing Aunt Hilda, though she played the title character in the live-action version.

Latest episodes

aired 50 days ago
Sabrina and Chloe shrink to fit fad jeans, but things go too far.
aired 51 days ago
Harvey's skateboarding skills vanish during the championship contest.
VOD available
Sabrina must confess about saving Harvey's life.
VOD available
Desperate for money to go to a concert, Sabrina baby-sits the terror twins.
VOD available
Gem and Sabrina compete for Student of the Year Award.
VOD available
Harvey's wish for courage sends him into his comic book world.
VOD available
Salem falls in love with a fellow kitty-witch.
VOD available
Supernatural shoes make Harvey a dancing machine.
aired 64 days ago
Hilda's old vampire friends, the Bat Pack, dazzle Sabrina.
aired 64 days ago
Sabrina and Harvey are cast into the spy world.
aired 66 days ago
Sabrina is jealous of her piano instructor's girlfriend.
aired 67 days ago
Tired of winter, Sabrina dabbles in the spookie jar and send herself, Chloe and Salem to the beach.
aired 70 days ago
Sabrina and family conspire to show Gem the error of her selfish ways.
aired 71 days ago
Hilda and Zelda take jobs at a fast food joint to earn cash for a car.
aired 72 days ago
Sabrina accidentally turns herself into a fish.
aired 73 days ago
Sabrina shipwrecks her class on a remote island during a field trip.
aired 74 days ago
Sabrina vows to stop using her magic but has to make a decision when her family is being victimized.
aired 77 days ago
Needing help on a Netherworld term paper, Sabrina reads Merlin's journal.
aired 78 days ago
Sabrina casts a spell to make Harvey's imaginary childhood friend reappear.
aired 79 days ago
The kids wind up in a movie after Sabrina messes up a spell.
aired 80 days ago
Sabrina summons Thomas Edison to help her with a science project.

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