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Running Wild With Bear Grylls

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Famed survivalist Bear Grylls says goodbye to Hollywood and takes celebrities on journeys into some of the wildest locations in the United States and around the world. Whether it's searching for food in the most remote environments or battling intense weather, each episode chronicles the celebrity's experience of pushing their body and mind to the limit to successfully complete the adventure.

Latest episodes

aired 46 days ago
Bear and NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal are lifted from a freight train via helicopter and whisked away to a dense forest in the remote Adirondacks; they face blood-sucking leeches and a 200-foot rock face as they search for their exit.
aired 46 days ago
Bear takes former professional football player Deion Sanders to the mesas and canyons of Utah for his first ever camping trip.
aired 46 days ago
Actress Michelle Rodriguez and Bear go to a desert Nevada; unexpected high winds during a sky-diving trip send Michelle off course; Michelle and Bear must come up with clever ways to stay hydrated.
aired 78 days ago
Oscar-nominated actress Kate Hudson goes on a journey with Bear that involves a treacherous mountain range in Italy; Kate shares details of her unique upbringing.
aired 79 days ago
Actor James Marsden and Bear venture into the heart of Utah's Rattlesnake Canyon, where they are faced with a chuckwalla lizard.
aired 79 days ago
Bear and Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch tackle a rugged mountain range that has sharp cliffs and dark chasms; the pair comes face to face with the French Foreign Legion and pursues a wild hog for dinner.
aired 79 days ago
Actress Courteney Cox joins Bear to maneuver across jagged peaks and descend sheer cliffs on the windswept coast of Ireland.
aired 79 days ago
Actor Sterling K. Brown joins Bear in the high mountains of Colorado, where they battle plummeting temperatures while descending a sheer rock face, track an elusive deer and rappel down a waterfall.
aired 79 days ago
Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Bear on a 6,000-foot descent along the cliffs and ridges of Croda dei Toni; Ferguson shares insight about his sudden rise to fame.
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Keri Russell and Bear journey through the Canary Islands; they dine on undigested seeds from a pigeon carcass, use a grappling hook and make a daring escape from a mountain peak using a paraglider; Keri discusses her family and path to fame.
aired 197 days ago
Bear and Joseph Gordon-Levitt navigate Kenya's unyielding terrain; Joseph and Bear navigate a perilous rappel, milk a camel for hydration, ascend a massive rock dome and battle a crocodile for dinner; Joseph talks about his family and rise to fame.
aired 203 days ago
Bear and actress Julianne Hough navigate the unforgiving terrain and wild animals of the African savanna; Julianne talks about her adolescence and her determination to succeed.
aired 203 days ago
Bear and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn take a speedboat trip, then swim to shore and make their way along a rugged coastline; after traversing a deep chasm, they collect a dinner of sea urchins.
aired 203 days ago
Professional football player Drew Brees and Bear climb a bat-infested cave and wrestle a six-foot crocodile in Panama's Camino de Cruces jungle.
aired 203 days ago
Bear spends two days traveling through Yosemite National Park with actor Channing Tatum.
aired 204 days ago
Bear and Vanessa Hudgens rappel from a helicopter into the high Sierra for a scenic adventure; Bear and Vanessa evade a boulder avalanche, summit a massive dormant volcano, and encounter a rattlesnake; Vanessa talks about her rise to stardom.
aired 262 days ago
Bear takes actor Ben Stiller into the rugged mountains of the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland.
aired 263 days ago
Actor Michael B. Jordan joins Grylls in Wales where they start their journey by dropping into rough waters off the coast before making their way up the coast and to the top of the mountains for their exit.
aired 263 days ago
Spice Girl Mel B joins Bear on the two hundred foot cliffs of the Welsh coastline, where a final descent sends Mel into breakdown mode; Bear is stung by a jellyfish, forcing Mel to practice some first aid skills.
aired 263 days ago
Actor Ed Helms faces sheer cliffs, crumbling rock and a cringeworthy dinner menu while atop Colorado mountains; Helms discusses the road to his career in comedy.
aired 301 days ago
Singer Nick Jonas accompanies the renowned survivalist on another journey into the wilderness.

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