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SundanceTV's first comedy is an Australian import set in the rural Tasmanian town of Rosehaven. Home to help his mom with her business, Daniel is surprised to run into his best friend from the mainland, Emma, whose marriage has just ended. While she basks in the anonymity of her newfound life in Rosehaven, Daniel is forced to confront ghosts of his adolescent past. Soon enough, their friendship and sanity is tested by the charming yet deeply eccentric townsfolk. The series is created and written by real-life best buddies/comedians Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola, who also star.

Latest episodes

VOD available
When Rosehaven boycotts McCallum Real Estate, Emma and Daniel go into overdrive to try and put things right.
VOD available
Daniel and Grace get a new housemate; Emma lands McCallum Real Estate in hot water with a new block of land she is trying to sell.
VOD available
On Valentine's Day, Rosehaven is out in force to celebrate at the pub.
VOD available
When Emma gets sick, she questions her life choices and wonders who will take care of her when she's old.
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Daniel and Emma take a drive out of town looking to secure a listing, but the day takes a turn as they find themselves getting lost.
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When Barbara sells her house, a visit from her sister, Jenny, leads to some uncharted territory for the McCallums.
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Emma and Daniel try to fix an awkward situation with a new tenant in a not so conventional manner.
VOD available
When the professionalism of McCallum Real Estate is brought into question, Daniel sets out to fix their reputation.
aired 958 days ago
Barbara reconsiders Emma's role at McCallum Real Estate; Daniel holds an auction for his first property sale.
aired 964 days ago
McCallum Real Estate tries to attract new customers at a local festival; Emma attempts to impress her mother, Pam, during her visit to Rosehaven.
aired 971 days ago
An unknown person covers McCallum Real Estate in graffiti; when Daniel and Emma inspect a renter's property, they discover that he has made some interesting changes to the house; Emma encourages Daniel to end his feud with Bruce.
aired 983 days ago
Daniel and Emma deal with two tenants who claim to have conflicting energy; Emma finally makes a decision about her relationship with Damien.
aired 985 days ago
A power outage hits all of Rosehaven; Grace voices her concerns about Daniel's relationship with Barbara, causing Emma to question her relationship with Damien.
aired 997 days ago
It's Daniel's birthday and he realizes he hasn't accomplished everything he wanted to; while he scrambles to complete last year's birthday promise in one day, Emma is insistent on throwing him a party.
aired 999 days ago
Daniel visits his primary school and tries to give advice to the children, but when he and Emma are named the town thieves, things get a little complicated.
aired 1,011 days ago
Daniel returns to the office after his month-long hiatus and finds that things have changed while he was away; when a disagreement between two tenants arises, Daniel and Emma have different opinions on how to resolve it.
VOD available
Daniel tells Emma he is leaving Rosehaven with Grace.
VOD available
Daniel discovers that McCallum Real Estate is in trouble and comes up with some ideas to make cuts and get them back on track.
VOD available
Emma allows strangers into Barbara's home, and tries to make amends by acting professional.
VOD available
Barbara and Daniel must work together to expand the business.
VOD available
Emma convinces Daniel to confront bully Bruce and get his childhood cubby house back after it has been overrun.

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