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River Monsters: Legendary Locations

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Before Jeremy returns to the Amazon River in "Mighty Rivers," relive some of his most thrilling Amazon adventures, as he tangles with giant Arapaima and the mystery of the Water Mama.

Latest episodes

aired 78 days ago
Jeremy is off to the picturesque volcanic islands of Papua New Guinea to investigate a series of attacks by an unknown aquatic assailant that has left a trail of victims with gruesome injuries.
aired 85 days ago
Some of Jeremy's biggest adventures down south; tracking down barracuda and bull sharks; Jeremy explores the depths of the Mississippi.
aired 92 days ago
An earlier trip to the Asian continent finds Jeremy hunting for legendary river monsters in Japan and Mongolia.
aired 392 days ago
Jeremy continues his Amazon journey, getting out of his comfort zone while searching for two killers; the task will require him to ditch the rod and reel and use a hands-on approach.
aired 399 days ago
Jeremy is on a long-term mission in the Amazon to snare a pair of giants that have already claimed lives.
aired 429 days ago
Jeremy Wade is headed back to one of his most challenging fishing locations in the heart of Brazil's Amazon.
aired 436 days ago
Jeremy returns to South Africa to track down some of the deadliest aquatic beasts South Africa has to offer.
aired 443 days ago
Jeremy tracks down some of Europe's greatest aquatic mysteries.
aired 450 days ago
Jeremy sets off to Australia to track the elusive Barramundi and some of the deadliest aquatic beasts in the land down under.
aired 456 days ago
Jeremy tracks down some of the deadliest aquatic beasts in Australia.
aired 463 days ago
Jeremy explores the mysteries of Alaska's cold waters.
aired 475 days ago
Jeremy explores the depths of the original legend in Loch Ness.

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