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Relentless With Kate Snow

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Journalist Kate Snow takes a journey with families as they go to great lengths to find answers about their loved ones' deaths; these ordinary heroes go under cover, hunt for evidence and put their lives in jeopardy while trying to find justice.

Latest episodes

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After her son, Corey, is fatally stabbed, Michelle Metje turns her grief into a tireless search for the killer; along the way, Michelle makes a commitment to helping other victims' families find justice.
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After a popular Chicago doctor is found stabbed to death in his office, police hunt for the killer; when the case goes cold, the doctor's two grown children take matters into their own hands.
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After her son, Cabretti, is gunned down in a recording studio, Lisa Wheeler-Bowman experiences pain and loss, but the unrelenting need to find her son's killer sends her to the streets to demand answers.
airs in 10 days
After a chance encounter at a college tailgate turns into a brutal sexual assault, nothing will stop the victim, 19 year-old Abby Honold, in her pursuit of justice.
airs in 3 days
A newlywed goes missing from her New Jersey condo; then her family uncovers a nightmare when they discover a second missing wife.