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Alex Charvat and Kevin Gilman help "wannabe" prospectors and desperate homesteaders resurrect dormant mining claims.

Latest episodes

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Alex and Kevin battle the arid Arizona climate to help mine owner James make his $200 claim profitable. Everything changes when they find out James hasn't held up his end of the deal. The guys must now decide whether to risk it all or walk away.
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Alex and Kevin strike a risky deal with claim owners Jerry and Martha. The pair offer to renovate the couple's rundown 30-year-old cabin, but if the land isn't profitable, they will have to negotiate a deal that will make their investment worth it.
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A third-generation miner has big dreams of re-opening his father's silver mine, but unsafe conditions call for backup; Alex and Kevin negotiate a deal to restore the mine in hopes of getting it up and running and possibly cashing in.
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Alex and Kevin are on a mission to help Ben and Laura build a cabin on their newly bought claim; the guys hope to negotiate for mining rights, but at 11,500 feet in altitude, the claim is nearly inaccessible -- the only way up is by helicopter.
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Alex and Kevin are called upon to renovate a mine's machine shop for mining to begin generating income; with 57 veins that could average a profit of upwards to $250,000 a day, the guys must negotiate a deal that could bring their biggest payoff yet.
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Modern prospectors Alex and Kevin look for business opportunities on old mining claims; they help homesteader Judd and his family reopen a mine and build three weatherproof structures before winter hits.