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Prehistoric Predators

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Stunning computer animation brings the most ferocious giants of the Ice Age back to life, creating a portrait of their wild existence and puzzling extinction. Also, details about their lives and disappearance are revealed through the work of paleontologists, who uncover fossilized bones of these lethal creatures.

Latest episodes

aired 460 days ago
Modern technology reveals more about the Hyaenodon, a beast that used its head and bone-crushing teeth to dispatch prey within seconds.
aired 460 days ago
Nearly two million years after the Megalodon disappeared from Earth, scientists rebuild the monster shark.
aired 460 days ago
Scientists examine the skulls of the terror birds of South America to learn more about their eating and living habits.
aired 460 days ago
The saber-toothed tiger dominates the prehistoric Americas for nearly 2 million years, then becomes extinct.
aired 460 days ago
The dire wolf, a fierce alpha-predator of the Ice Age perishes, while the smaller and weaker gray wolf survives.
aired 582 days ago
At four feet wide and 1,000 pounds, the killer pig was a prehistoric battle tank that dominated the North American landscape.
aired 1,286 days ago
A powerful bear lives, hunts and vanishes.

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