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Policewomen Files

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Police officers are often portrayed by men in TV shows and movies, with female officers usually taking a back seat to their male counterparts. Policewomen are put in the spotlight, however, in this reality series that focuses on the work they do. "Policewomen Files" details complex murder cases that were solved by policewomen. The show highlights the challenges and setbacks the ladies face, in addition to dramatic revelations that are made, as they piece together the puzzles that are homicide investigations.

Latest episodes

aired 349 days ago
Peggy Carr and two of her sons are rushed to hospital with extreme pain and nausea; when tested positive for a rare and deadly poison, detectives launch an investigation.
aired 349 days ago
A cop and a firefighter are cut down in their prime after suffering excruciating illnesses; a journalist uncovers is a twisted tale of love, passion and the ultimate betrayal, by a cold-blooded killer.
aired 349 days ago
A teenager is murdered; years later and hundreds of miles away, another woman is viciously stabbed; DNA links these two assaults.
aired 349 days ago
A loving wife and mother shot in the head in broad daylight; the brutal murder is so baffling even seasoned investigators are stumped.
aired 661 days ago
The brutal murder of two taxi drivers in Austin has cabbies fearing for their lives and police are under mounting public pressure to track down the killer.
aired 668 days ago
A North Toronto couple is found brutally murdered for no apparent reason; police turn to a criminal profiler to solve the crime.
aired 669 days ago
A body discovered in the shallow waters of an old cement quarry has all the signs of a mob hit; detectives unravel a twisted relationship between two educated, smart men from good families, that ends in murder.
aired 678 days ago
True stories of complex murder cases solved by policewomen.