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Planet Earth: The Hunt

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Produced by the team that created BBC's "Planet Earth" series, "The Hunt" explores the relationship between predators and their prey. Sir David Attenborough narrates this documentary while the cameras follow the animals in their natural habitats. With a specific focus on strategy, the hunters are examined in detail -- from their use of the environment to their sharp instincts and physical prowess. On the other side of the fence are the hunted, which use their senses and defense tactics to flee when they feel threatened. Each episode centers on a different habitat, and the last one focuses on the state of the planet.

Latest episodes

aired 19 days ago
Predators from air, land and sea come together on the coast; coasts are ever-changing; since opportunities do not last long, hunters must race against time.
aired 19 days ago
In grassland or desert habitats, predators have an easy time spotting prey, but the prey can also spot predators.
aired 19 days ago
Following blue whales, sharks, sea lions, frigate birds, dolphins and albatrosses.
aired 20 days ago
Following tigers, harpy eagles, chimpanzees, army ants and other predators.
aired 20 days ago
The only option for the Arctic's top predators is to continually adapt.
aired 20 days ago
The contests between predators and prey are the most dramatic events in nature.
aired 20 days ago
Scientists attempt to preserve the world's top predators, combining natural history footage with human drama.

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