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Pee-wee's Playhouse

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Pee-wee Herman and his friends bring their latest antics from the playhouse.

Latest episodes

aired 97 days ago
Jambi grants a wish, badly; Ms. Yvonne gives Mrs. Steve a make-over.
aired 100 days ago
Cowboy Curtis teaches square dancing; Pogo dancing; pen-pal letters.
aired 100 days ago
Pee-wee makes a perfect salad; at his magic show, he disappears, but cannot be visible.
aired 100 days ago
On a wet day, Pee-wee camps indoors; a whipped-cream shave.
aired 107 days ago
Ms. Rene watches things while Cowboy Curtis and Pee-wee go camping.
aired 117 days ago
Pee-wee writes a front-page article about Miss Yvonne for the new newspaper.
aired 117 days ago
Pee-wee asks everyone to help him find his missing, favorite things.
aired 117 days ago
Pee-wee takes Conky apart, and a repairman says a tuneup is needed.
aired 117 days ago
Pee-wee and Curtis reminisce about fun times.
aired 118 days ago
Pee-wee and Miss Yvonne take turns being a boss and secretary.
aired 118 days ago
Looking for a borrowed pencil-sharpener, Pee-wee finds lots of clothes.
aired 126 days ago
Reba and Miss Yvonne ask Pee-wee to judge about a dress.
aired 129 days ago
Pee-wee, Miss Yvonne, and the Playhouse crew pretend to take a plane trip around the world; Reba takes her date to a drive-in movie - Playhouse style!
aired 132 days ago
Miss Yvonne is a guest at the playhouse while her house is being painted.
VOD available
Pee-wee learns that compliments go a long way in fixing Jambi's burnout.
VOD available
Pee-wee pretends he is a librarian; soccer-player Ricardo learns ballet.
VOD available
Randy turns the oven too high to bake bread; smoke fills the kitchen.
VOD available
Reba gets a splinter, an exam and a bill; magic skateboard; the Del Rubios perform.
aired 142 days ago
An imaginary smorgasbord leaves Reba hungry; Pterri learns respect for others.
aired 142 days ago
Miss Yvonne brings slippers for everyone; Jambi gets Curtis cowboy pajamas.
aired 155 days ago
The gang blasts off and tours the galaxy; Zizzybalubah learns friendship.

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