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Nature and wildlife expert Tim Faulkner hosts this series that showcases the beauty of the natural world. The wildlife park operations manager explores the habitats and behaviors of a variety of creatures. Faulkner takes a look at such animals as a giant Galapagos tortoise, baby wombat, flying fox and a newly discovered species of birds. "Outback Adventures," which is geared toward teenagers, aims to bring people closer to the natural world.
Formerly known as "ABC World News This Morning," this half-hour newscast from ABC News features live reports from Washington, headlines of the day, an ESPN sports package and "MoneyScope," a regular financial news segment. It serves as a companion to the "ABC World News Now" overnight newscast that precedes it on many stations.
One-on-one interviews with sports superstars.
Casey Anderson is a man dedicated to preserving wildlife. He also has a special approach to understanding grizzly bears, which can be seen in the close, unique relationship he has with Brutus. "Expedition Wild" follows Casey as he travels 60 kilometers to Yellowstone National Park, documenting grizzly bears and mountain lions as they hunt for food to prepare for hibernation. Along the way, Casey learns behaviors that he can teach to Brutus and witnesses the daily struggle wild animals endure to survive.
Jason Silva hosts this series that explores the components of the human brain and how they shape people's everyday lives. Each episode begins with Silva presenting a mind exercise intended to leave viewers thinking while serving as jumping-off points to explore the ways the brain functions. Visual perception, memory, skill-learning and decision-making are among the topics covered on the half-hour series geared toward teenagers. Silva educates and inspires the audience through a series of experiments and activities designed to help people use their brains in a better way.
Jeff Corwin explores the underwater world and talks about the importance of conservation.