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Outlaw Star

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Gene Starwind is a jack-of-all-trades tough guy with a partner named Jim Hawking. A mysterious woman named Hilda shows up at Starwind's job and presents a not-so-simple request. Starwind's mysterious and motley crew seek out a legendary outer space treasure trove called the Galactic Leyline, which would gain them ultimate power. A series of adventures including pirates, assassins, poison and a space race keep the Outlaw Star crew on their toes at all times.

Latest episodes

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Gene tries to stop Hazanko's sacrifice of Melfina; however, his powerful ammunition is no match for Hazanko's magic.
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After being hit by a strange light, Gene and his crew, the McDougalls, Gwen Khan, and the Antens have all been separated and stuck in different parts of the strange land, all searching for the Leyline.
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The crew of the Outlaw Star reach the location of the Leyline; enemies may be there to stop them from unraveling the secrets of the Leyline.
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Gene Starwind has to go to the Tenrei planet in order to find bullets for his special gun. He finds a world populated with water springs and pretty ladies, but nothing will stop him in order to get what he needs.
aired 95 days ago
Gene is admitted to a prison so that he can talk to an inmate about the coordinates of the Galactic Leyline; he agrees to inform if their jailbreak is successful.
aired 102 days ago
The crew lands on the planet Dragon and decides to explore the ruins of its ancient civilization, rumored to be from the creators of the Galactic Leyline.
aired 109 days ago
The Outlaw Star is damaged in a space battle with an unknown ship; during the ship's repairs on a nearby planet, Jim finds a young girl named Hanmio.
aired 116 days ago
The local security force detains the Outlaw Star when it becomes convinced that Gene was behind the invasion of a passenger ship.
aired 123 days ago
A renegade grappler ship pilot must fight his way across the galaxy to discover the secrets of the Outlaw Star.
aired 130 days ago
The McDougall brothers return and set a trap for Gene; luckily, Gene's friends are there to back him up in a sticky situation; Melfina discovers more about her own mysterious background.
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An old man hires Gene for a salvage mission to an underwater planet; the payload is a sunken ship full of dragonite, a priceless mineral; something big is guarding the treasure and the old man has a personal vendetta.
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The Anten Seven, a group of deadly pirates determined to kill Gene Starwind, appear. In response to a number of their men that Gene had killed, they send one of their top assassins to retaliate.
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Having no choice but to accept a tugboat job, Gene, Jim and Melfina go out to retrieve an advertising satellite, only to find themselves embroiled in a sinister plot.
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Gene and Jim set up shop in Heiphong to make some money, but they fail to find anything lucrative; fed up with Gene's pickiness, Jim and Mel decide to find work with Fred Luo without him.
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Gene accepts a challenge from Harry McDougall to meet the El Dorado; when he arrives, he finds himself in Harry's trap.
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While participating in the Space Race, the Outlaw Star is attacked and Gene must escape a deadly metal wave.
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Gene signs up for the Space Race with the sponsorship of Fred Luo.
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Gene docks the ship at a station called the Toward Stars Inn, where he and Jim go after an enormous bounty.
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Suzuka discovers that Gene was poisoned in his last fight and will only be given the antidote if they surrender the Outlaw Star.