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Outback Lockdown

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Stuntwoman and "Naked and Afraid" veteran Ky Furneaux and renowned British chef Calem O'Grady test their new relationship by going into lockdown in the harsh Australian desert.

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Once more, Ky and Calem's supplies are running short, and they urgently need food; the couple try to hunt for ducks, which is just as frustrating as tracking the goats; once they score their prey, they attempt to build an oven.
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Life doesn't get any easier for Ky and Calem, as their stay in the Outback is set to last much longer than planned. They travel to the nearest town, three hours away, for some emergency supplies, only to face a violent dust storm upon their return.
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Ky has just flown in from the USA, where she normally works as a Hollywood stuntwoman. Calem has travelled from the UK. Now the two of them have driven to the Aussie Outback, where they are going to isolate together and see if they can live off the land.