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Michael Buchanan meets people in Hartlepool in the North East of England to find out how government cuts have affected their lives.
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Safa and Marwa are twin girls who were born joined at the head, they were brought from Pakistan to London's Great Ormond Street children's hospital for some highly complex operations.
aired 25 days ago
The lives of 18 Greek Orthodox Christian monks who make up the community at a centuries-old Hamatoura monastery in Lebanon.
aired 32 days ago
Nafiseh Kohnavard has traveled to Iraq and Syria to hear from Yazidi women forced into sexual slavery by the so-called Islamic State and who had children with their IS captors.
aired 39 days ago
The cause and who was to blame for the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion 33 years ago in Soviet Ukraine is still being debated.
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In northern Europe's Lapland, temperatures are rising faster than anywhere else in the world,threatening the livelihood of its indigenous Sami people.
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After being ostracized by their family, members of Pakistan's transgender community retire to a special home.
aired 72 days ago
A decade after returning from Iraq, the team meets a group of former U.S. soldiers still struggling to adjust to civilian life back home.
aired 74 days ago
Trafficked, tortured and trapped in an endless cycle of violence, Leila, along with half a million other migrants and refugees, is desperate for protection from her abusers in Libya. The United Nations' agencies operating there are her only hope.
aired 79 days ago
Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, rival groups of far-right and far-left activists have battled in the streets of some American cities, including Portland, Ore.
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China is now thought to be holding more than a million Muslims in camps in its far west region of Xinjiang; Reporter John Sudworth gets rare, highly controlled access to go inside.
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Six months ago the people of Sudan rose up against the thirty year dictatorship of Omar al Bashir; Namak Khoshnaw follows a young Sudanese doctor, who took part in the protests.
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Denmark's immigration policy is among the most controversial in western Europe, with the government designating 29 housing areas as ghettos.
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For centuries, a significant Sikh minority has grown in relative safety in Afghanistan; in the last decade, persecution has seen the population drop.
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Every night, in villages across Kenya, elusive figures called "Night Runners" sneak around in the dark, throwing stones and carrying out small acts of vandalism.
aired 144 days ago
Jean Mackenzie travels across the continent to find out why the Right is on the rise, meeting those celebrating its success, and those fighting to stop it.
aired 203 days ago
With a general election just weeks away, revelations of government bungling, corporate greed and corruption have thrust water to the forefront of Australia's political debate.
aired 207 days ago
The story of a South African journalist's attempts to save a family friend from drug addiction.
aired 214 days ago
Critics of the India government claim violent mobs have been emboldened by the Hindu nationalist-led government's crackdown on the slaughter of the country's sacred animal, the cow.
aired 242 days ago
Young Palestinians enjoying the New Year party season in the occupied West Bank discuss their personal views about the Arab-Israeli conflict.
aired 249 days ago
Four people are followed over a two-year basic income trial in Finland to see the impact the experiment has had on their lives.

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