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Original Sin: Sex

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The sexual revolution is alive and thriving. National Geographic Channel examines a once-taboo subject that is now impacting every aspect of society, from pop culture and science to politics and social interaction. The six-part series explores how sex is increasingly permeating contemporary cultures around the world, shaping lives by becoming more visible via the internet, advertising, education and the media. Archival footage, animation, interviews and re-creations help uncover surprising ways sex impacts humanity and how societal conditions have changed over the past 50 years.

Latest episodes

aired 600 days ago
Exploring the progression of sexualized images in advertising and how they impact culture.
aired 607 days ago
Exploring the phenomenon of political sex scandals and how they captivate public interest.
aired 612 days ago
Exploring the concept of what society considers normal when it comes to sex and gender.
aired 619 days ago
Lawmakers try to regulate humanity's most intimate behavior.
aired 626 days ago
Explore the controversial and shocking history of sex education.
aired 629 days ago
Learning about the technologies revolutionizing people's relationship with sex.

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