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Operation Fishing Freedom

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Featuring veterans suffering from PTSD and how fishing has helped them cope with their struggles.

Latest episodes

aired 135 days ago
While in Iraq, purple heart recipient Chad Shevlin recounts how he survived being hit in the face by a rocket propelled grenade.
aired 142 days ago
Decorated veteran of the Vietnam war, Al Lynch recounts saving the lives of three men and life after receiving the medal of honor from President Nixon.
aired 149 days ago
Hit by a grenade thrown by an adolescent terrorist, U.S. Army veteran James Smith recounts his time in the military.
aired 156 days ago
Deployed to Afghanistan, newly minted Canadian Army Captain Corey Shelson went from being a combat engineer to leading a troop on the front lines in the war on terror.
aired 163 days ago
U.S. Army veteran Shaun Brewer recounts the daily struggles of PTSD and his bond with his service dog Gunnar.
aired 170 days ago
U.S. Army veterans Rebekkah Camp and Jason Martin help each other cope through their military struggles and PTSD.
aired 184 days ago
U.S. Special Forces Green Beret Greg Stube was critically wounded during Operation Medusa in Afghanistan.
aired 219 days ago
Severely injured in Iraq, Andy Qualy returns home to Minnesota and founds the Minnesota Warriors Hockey club.
VOD available
Before the age of 25, U.S. Marine Jeff Francis filled out a total of three wills. His tours of duty not only protected our freedom, but also created positive change for a country in need.
aired 233 days ago
U.S. Army veteran, firefighter, and police officer Ryan Heard has a long resume of service, including a Purple Heart he received after stepping on an IED in Iraq. Since coming home, he has found the outdoors to be his best form of therapy.
aired 240 days ago
The story of a 37-month POW, Darrell Krenz, who flies to Texas to reconnect with veteran Jack Goodwin at an emotional surprise meeting.
aired 247 days ago
A look at some of the struggles and adversity veterans from the Greatest Generation faced; a story from a hero veteran that has gone untold.
aired 254 days ago
Born and raised on an Air Force base in Alaska, Joseph Lefthand answered his call to duty as a Marine. After completing multiple tours to Asia and the Middle East, he started a family. In 2015, his wife passed away from breast cancer.
aired 261 days ago
Unsure with the path his life would take, Brad Peterson decided to join the U.S. Coast Guard. After saving many lives on the water as a part of rescue teams, Brad joined a new life-saving team as a nurse at the Minnesota VA.
aired 268 days ago
The men and women who serve our country have overcome a substantial amount of adversity and challenges while in service. When they come home it can feel like merging into oncoming traffic at full speed.
aired 275 days ago
An early interest in the Army lead James Elkins, an Alaskan teenager to finish college and head off to Army Ranger school. In Afghanistan, he suffers a gunshot wound to the head.
aired 282 days ago
In June, 1941, Leo Wolfson's life took an unexpected turn when he was drafted into the Army. World War II had arrived, and Leo was stationed on the islands of Hawaii only months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
aired 282 days ago
On 9/11/2001, Bryan Anderson started basic training with the U.S. Army. A few months later he would find himself in the middle of the Iraq War as a military police officer. An IED explosion would change his life forever.
aired 289 days ago
In 1966, a 19-year-old, Wisconsin farm boy's life changed forever when he was drafted into the Army and shipped over to Vietnam. Now a soldier, Glenn engaged in numerous battles, and scouted for the infamous tunnel rats in the Vietnam War.
aired 289 days ago
Though her 36 years in the Army as a nurse and medic, Laura Ludwig faced many challenges. None more difficult than taking care of the young men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since coming home Laura has not stopped serving.
aired 303 days ago
Keith Lorensen is no stranger to water, he spent many years at sea during his service in the U.S. Navy. Back in October of 2000, Keith was injured during a terrorist attack on the historic USS Cole.

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