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"Everything you need to know about everything." With a slogan like that, you might have high expectations when watching a show like "On the Spot." The show is a lightning-fast game of trivia that provides answers to questions such as "can a cow have an accent?" and "who got the world's longest standing ovation?" It may not tell you everything about everything, but chances are you'll come away from each half-hour episode a little more knowledgeable than you were before you watched it.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Diseases; sewer gators; world wonders.
aired 9 days ago
The 17th century accessory that is still worn today; pop culture; the fastest way to get from country to country.
aired 16 days ago
Solving everyday problems; the chances of surviving just about anything; bees.
aired 23 days ago
S.O.S.; traveling in a crazy contraption; spectacular cities.
aired 30 days ago
Roswell, N.M.; the history of domestic life; surprising statistics.
aired 37 days ago
Flying like a superhero; a simple invention that has saved thousands of lives; the vacuum of space.
aired 44 days ago
The history of the circus and cinema; the vitaphone; some pretty bad ideas.
aired 51 days ago
How the brain works; the effects of caffeine; an up-close look at dinosaurs.
aired 58 days ago
Famous sayings; some of history's most influential people; what life could have been without coffee; statistics about travel.
aired 65 days ago
Breaking the sound barrier on land and in the air; selling the Eiffel Tower; the price of famous dentures; working out in zero gravity; the weight of bacteria in the body.
aired 72 days ago
Plane crashes in Beverly Hills; airbag underwear; teen popes; wild Arizona camels; the doctor who tested catheters on himself; superhero mice.
aired 79 days ago
The wrong turn that started World War I; the Titanic disaster; code cracking; a $2 million car; braving Niagara falls in a barrel; the world's biggest Ferris wheel.
aired 86 days ago
The amount of neurons in the human brain; oddities in geometric figures; an extreme sport brought on by a California drought.
aired 93 days ago
What a Jacob's ladder is; ways to keep pesky insects out; why fluoroscopes were a bad idea in shoe stores.
aired 100 days ago
The first flying device that could carry people; doomsday prophecies; a theory involving water.
aired 107 days ago
Odd acts in traveling sideshows; how long it takes to feel the effects of caffeine; the origins of Wall Street.
aired 114 days ago
A high-altitude race; animals in myths and folklore; a military invention.
aired 121 days ago
Why an extra month was added to the calendar; diseases that affect both humans and animals; the size of a stegosaurus brain.
aired 128 days ago
Prehistoric dentists; identifying cool animals; smartphone statistics.
aired 135 days ago
How New York got its nickname; chewing-gum sculptures; creative solutions to NASA's problems in space.
aired 142 days ago
Bizarre therapies; how an in-ear thermometer detects temperature; bad ideas about cleaning.

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