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O.J.: Made in America

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Director Ezra Edelman examines race and celebrity through the life of O.J. Simpson. Beginning at the emergence of his football career at the University of Southern California, the documentary tracks his rise in the National Football League, his television career, and his relationship with Nicole Brown -- including allegations of domestic abuse and the eventual murder of Brown and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman -- juxtaposing Simpson's story against the mounting racial tensions and strained relationship between law enforcement and the African-American community in Los Angeles.

Latest episodes

aired 64 days ago
O.J. Simpson's murder acquittal divides trial followers; thirteen years later, Simpson is arrested again, convicted of robbery and kidnapping, and sent to prison.
aired 64 days ago
O.J. Simpson's murder trial holds the country's attention for months, leading to discussions of race, criminal justice and celebrity privilege which ultimately change the media and and cultural landscapes.
aired 65 days ago
America is shocked when O.J. Simpson is arrested for the brutal murder of his estranged wife and an acquaintance, beginning the country's fascination with the latest "Trial of the Century."
aired 66 days ago
O.J. Simpson sits out the racial tensions overflowing in 1990's Los Angeles in his exclusive Brentwood mansion, cultivating a perfect image built atop a foundation made of secrets and lies.
aired 66 days ago
Despite America becoming increasingly divided along race lines, a young black football star named O.J. Simpson becomes one of the country's most popular athletes.

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