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North Woods Law: Uncuffed

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Game wardens on "North Woods Law" protect wildlife and local communities from illegal activities.

Latest episodes

aired 4 days ago
On the White Mountains, a team of Wardens and the National Guard deploy on a rescue mission to search for a missing hiker. Warden Masucci handles a disgruntled recreational vehicle driver, and a group of Wardens reconnect during a charity softball game.
aired 144 days ago
The game wardens investigate a lawbreaking lobsterman.
aired 175 days ago
Game wardens on "North Woods Law" protect wildlife and local communities from illegal activities.
aired 175 days ago
As winter melts into spring, wardens handle a rabid pit bull and gather new evidence regarding a deer poaching case; a dumpster-diving bear hides from Warden Marquis and Fitzpatrick, while a woodchuck plays games with Warden Lounder.
aired 182 days ago
Turkey hunting season arrives and hunters anxiously await their first kill; Lt. LaFlamme investigates a poaching case, while Officer McFadzen responds to an illegal turkey kill and Officer Hannett leads a team to an injured hiker.
aired 189 days ago
Officer Hannett's animal training kicks in during a release that isn't going according to plan; Officer Hannett receives a show from a self-proclaimed actress attempting to avoid a ticket; a couple is suspected of road hunting.
aired 196 days ago
Officer Crouse responds to reports about a pesky raccoon; Officer Hannett investigates a suspicious fisherman; nature lovers unite for Discover Wild New Hampshire day; an injured hiker is rescued on Mount Monadnock.
aired 203 days ago
Lt. Boudreau investigates a vandalized shed, while Officers Delmer and Towne endure a perilous mountain rescue; Officers Holmes and Hannett patrol snowmobile activity; Officer Delmer helps a bobcat hurt by a porcupine.
aired 273 days ago
At the state's largest ice fishing derby, Officer MacFazden patrols a drag race on ice, while Major Juneau takes charge of a rescue operation; Officers Bronson and Towne have a troubling encounter with a snowmobiler.
aired 285 days ago
Officer Bronson questions a hunter without a permit, while Sgt. Lucas heads to a questionable deer kill site. Ofc. Holmes tries to extract a raccoon from a chimney and Officer Pierre executes his first under-ice recovery dive.
aired 292 days ago
Sergeant Lucas tracks down and confronts a hunter suspected of illegally baiting deer with apples; Lieutenant Boudreau and Officer Hannett pursue a night hunter during a pre-dawn patrol on opening day of rifle season.
aired 299 days ago
Officer Benvenuti and Trainee Crouse question a man suspected of illegally baiting deer; on Mount Kearsarge, two officers help rescue an injured hiker; Sgt. Lucas and Officer Holmes attempt to free a trapped bear cub.
aired 306 days ago
Lt. Boudreau and Trainee Crouse investigate a man who shot someone while hunting illegally; Officer Holmes and Trainee Frye search for evidence of an illegal deer kill; Sgt. Lucas responds to a porcupine wreaking havoc.
aired 313 days ago
As the sun sets and temperatures plummet, lost hikers turn to Officer Holmes for help; officer Courtney and Lt. Cheney help a seal stuck in a tidal creek, while Officer Hannett faces off with a moose after trying to save a heron.
aired 320 days ago
Officer Holmes and Trainee Frye race to save a man suffering from a severe head injury after an ATV accident; two officers attempt a treacherous rescue on Mount Washington, while a collapsed student needs help on Mount Willard.
aired 327 days ago
Officer Delmer pulls over a swerving car and finds himself in the middle of a domestic dispute; Officer Canfield encounters a feisty swimmer; Officer McKee intervenes when a sleeping bear is spotted in a backyard.
aired 334 days ago
Officer Canfield disrupts a popular but illegal fishing tournament; officers struggle to convince a woman to relinquish a wild squirrel; officer DeLisle investigates the mysterious deaths of more than 20 painted turtles.
aired 341 days ago
Officer Canfield confronts a repeat offender when investigating a bear-feeding complaint; Officer Benvenuti chases a pair of lobster poachers; Officer Courtney comes to the aid of a bloodied man on the beach.
aired 348 days ago
Officer McKee searches for a baby owl that fell from its nest; Officer Hannett rushes to the aid of an injured hiker; Officer Lucas sends a trainee to wrangle his first raccoon.
aired 355 days ago
On the snowy summit of Mount Washington, a search party braves the elements to rescue hikers; Officer McKee attempts to remove a bear from a playground, while Officer Bronson responds to a man who discovered a snake in his bed.
aired 362 days ago
The wardens are going up north where the potential crimes escalate and they encounter several suspects who are armed and one who is a potential danger to themselves.

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