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North Woods Law: Still Hunting

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aired today
aired 7 days ago
Featuring behind-the-scenes footage as wardens patrol for illegal ATV riders and discover an abandoned truck that sparks an investigation; a pair of officers races to save paddlers on a capsized canoe; a moose accident is reported.
aired 14 days ago
When campers are found illegally on state property, a multi-agency investigation begins; a couple are questioned when their young son is found riding solo on his ATV; Officer Crouse rescues a duo of raccoon cubs.
aired 28 days ago
Behind-the-scenes footage; wardens stop a man on a dirt bike; three officers discover stolen lobster traps while out on patrol, and Officer Hannett sends an injured pigeon to a local rehabber.
aired 35 days ago
Featuring behind the scenes footage as the Wardens have a chaotic day when patrolling a state park for ATV riders; a pesky bear hunts livestock on a couple's property, while a rabbit is shot illegally in a residential area.
aired 35 days ago
Featuring behind the scenes footage as Wardens handle a suspected rabid fox in a residential area and Officer Cyrs responds to the call; in Fremont, Officer Crouse tickets a trio of ATV riders cruising on private property.
aired 49 days ago
Featuring behind-the-scenes footage as wardens undergo an intense statewide search for a missing hiker on Mount Moosilauke, while a bear enters a residential area looking for a snack.
aired 56 days ago
Featuring behind-the-scenes footage as Officer Hannett receives a show from a self-proclaimed actress attempting to avoid a ticket; Officer St. Pierre finds evidence of illegal road hunting.
airs in 14 days
On the snowy summit of Mount Washington, a search party braves the elements to rescue hikers. Officer McKee attempts to remove a bear from a playground, while Officer Lucas is on a mission to find a group of missing ATV's.
airs in 7 days
Officer McFazden rescues a tangled barred owl; a pair of officers rescues an injured hiker on Mount Liberty.

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